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Bird-Improving Binoculars

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Today's binoculars can bring a bird closer, but they can't change the reality of what you're seeing. A boring birdwatching day is still boring even when viewed up close, just as a boring book displayed on an e-book reader does not improve in content simply by being prettier. What's needed is a binocular that improves the image, not just magnifies it, and Bird-Improving Binoculars is a next-generation luxury binocular that turns even the most boring birdwatching experience into a day of adventure.

Bird-Improving Binoculars (BIB's) pre-analyze the field of view and replace any birds detected with higher-quality species of roughly the same size which may also conceivably be found in the same location, as determined by the BIB's internal GPS (Global Positioning System).

The improved view is displayed to the user as a high-definition electronic image which is indistinguishable from reality in all other aspects.

Imagine seeing pretty Mourning Doves when your partner is seeing nothing but pigeons. Or a beautiful oriole in place of the common blackbird your partner is looking at.

Randomized Activation Technology (RAT) adds an element of unpredictability to simulate real birding - something only available through this new class of binoculars: The birds will only sometimes, but not always, be replaced with different species. So if you see a distant Mourning Dove, you might lower your binoculars and then raise them again to find a pigeon-- or something even nicer yet, if you have the courage to take the risk! Press the "Reveal" button (conveniently located near the focus knob) to display the actual, unretouched image you are looking at.

Model BIB-PS includes all of the above features plus a "play song" button, which when depressed instantly plays the song of the bird you are currently looking at. A great enhancement for those mid-day birdwatching sessions where all the birds have gone quiet.

phundug, Sep 16 2012

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[Voice, Sep 16 2012]

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       This is old hat technology. For years people have been looking at the world through rose coloured glasses
Lesser Spotted Kiwi, Sep 16 2012

       Just have a couple beers.
leinypoo13, Sep 16 2012

       when you say *birds* ...
po, Sep 16 2012

       I think it might be entertaining if some really unusual bird images were presented to the user on occasion: archaeopterix, passenger pigeon, dodo --maybe even a feathered velociraptor (for all we know, they DID have feathers!).
Vernon, Sep 16 2012

       Is there a telescopic sight version ?
8th of 7, Sep 16 2012

       Would the astronomical version enable you to see UFOs and exoplanets?
nineteenthly, Sep 17 2012

       How about binoculars that remotely control an exotic looking mechanical bird that will perch in any line of sight that you desire it.
rcarty, Sep 17 2012

       // Just have a couple beers.//   

       What's next?
Voice, Feb 06 2021

       Have a couple more beers ?
8th of 7, Feb 06 2021

       See prior idea [link]
xenzag, Feb 06 2021

       Yes, [8th], but what kind of beer?
normzone, Feb 10 2021


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