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two iPhones = stereo pics
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iPhonoculars is a simple mechanical device that holds two iPhones side by side with their camera lenses pointing forward in perfect parallel alignment. An application links the two phones in such a way as to enable the resulting picture taking to record synchronous images which display a degree of parallax.

These can subsequently be viewed as animated gifs, or printed out to be enjoyed in a simple stereoscope. A handle allows the apparatus to be held at arm's length, meaning that selfies are also possible for those who like that sort of thing. Androcular also under development.

xenzag, Aug 20 2015

Viewer http://www.rmm3d.co...ls/sputnik/fig4.gif
[xenzag, Aug 20 2015]

Stereo gif examples - fully editable http://stereo.nypl....t/12330472323?xid=1
Enjoy! [xenzag, Aug 20 2015]

More great examples http://mentalfloss....oscopic-photographs
[xenzag, Aug 20 2015]


       do it
popbottle, Aug 20 2015


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