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Bird Brain

Twitter! Hurgh! What is it good for? Tellme!
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I confess, I don't really understand Twitter*.

So, I wondered, what else you could do with a simple, popular and highly mobile communications network - Why, build a brain, of course! - but it might take some organization, and I don't think it'll win any prizes for speed.

In effect, Twitter* becomes the synapse. Each Twit plays the part a Neuron. When enough of them exist and interact we might create a form of Artificial Intelligence.

When the first Twit detects a description which tickles its twitter-buds it posts a response - Other Twits Follow, and when they detect a pattern they like, they propagate their own factoid, and so on. Hey presto, a brain! (OK, perhaps this is rather simplistic)

The following is a vision example, but other Twits could be commenting on sounds, tastes, observations, smells, concepts etc.

Each "Twit" describes their own interest. e.g. "I like a particular shade of blue-green-grey in the top-left quadrant of an image". The Twit then assigns itself to Follow the musings of another Twit which is describing everything it sees. Other Twits, interested when a Pale-Cyan is in view, Follow.

Sometime later, somewhere, someone with a penchant for the Mona Lisa receives the final piece of their Jigsaw Puzzle and makes their first Tweet!

*If there's anything else out there on the web that behaves similarly, then please take the name "Twitter" as a generic mass-communications protocol.

Dub, Jun 26 2009

Oops! Too similar, ignore Algorithm_20_2b_20D..._20group_20_3d_20AI
[Dub, Jun 26 2009]


       OOPS! Linky
Dub, Jun 26 2009

       yes but yours is waaay shorter. +
dentworth, Jun 26 2009


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