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Bitcoin Add-A-Crowd

Bitcoin crowdfunding feature Photoshop filter
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Bitcoin Add-A-Crowd is a new Photoshop type feature that adds a convincing crowd to any digital image, with no two crowds ever being the same. When you join Bitcoin it also now includes the option to enter a series of images that enable you to make some money by signing up as member of Add-A-Crowd. (more details of this aspect at end of idea descriptor)

Add-A-Crowd is fully adjustable, with every conceivable parameter of that which constitutes a crowd being capable of customisation.

A comprehensive range of the usual Adobe style sliders control all variables: number of people; shape of crowd (ie retreating into distance, or spilling out at sides); density of crowd (ie sparse as in Trump's inauguration or packed wall to wall as in The Queen's Birthday parade); ethnic mix; wealth demographics; age range of participants; colour of skin/ethnic mix etc.

Here's how it works:
The software draws upon a giant database of digitally created crowd faces, postures, and body types, clothing colours and styles etc. Once the parameters are entered, the unique crowd is generated and flows around the designated spaces in the image like applying a texture, only instead of bumps or patterns, these are tiny images of totally convincing people. They're standing around, holding bags, wearing hats, being distracted, looking intently, mouths gaping, leaning against each other, running away, waving their arms, falling down, in a panic, calmly waiting in neat rows - every possible gesture of human behaviour and attitude in a crowd is fully depicted. When completed there is no way of determining that these are not real people being assembled in a crowd.

Deluxe version adds the facility of including a percentage of real people in the crowd to authenticate the resulting image. (they get paid a small amount of money each time they are used via their untraceable Bitcoin accounts) As a user of Add-A-Crowd, the more real people you use in your crowd image, the more you pay to generate the outcome.

xenzag, Dec 07 2017

http://emilkirkegaa...s/face-matching.png faces in a crowd [xenzag, Dec 07 2017]


       Where's Wally ?
8th of 7, Dec 07 2017

       With an approach analogous to colour gradient, you could have a single crowd demonstrating for a spectrum of different opinions. [+].
pertinax, Dec 07 2017


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