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Bite Anchor

Giant Teeth as a Ship's Anchor
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Add whimsy to shipping: instead of a conventional anchor, use a dentist's model of a human mouth and teeth on enormous scale, with a gearmotor and internal chain drive mechanism to actuate the "biting" to firmly grip seafloor features. Ideally the ship's prow would include a recess into which this anchor would nestle when raised, giving the ship a majestic and slightly terrifying visage. From a distance, the ship looks happy about how things are going.
sninctown, Jan 06 2021

https://pjama.githu...cts/anchor-physics/ Shows how ship is anchored through friction between chain and seabed [pocmloc, Jan 06 2021]

https://www.petersm...et.nz/boat-anchors/ More useful mathematics and also practical observations [pocmloc, Jan 06 2021]

https://www.marinei...o-types-of-anchors/ You have 5 minutes to read this page and then there will be an examination paper asking you technical questions about the history, shape and holding power of each named different type of anchor. [pocmloc, Jan 06 2021]

Boaty McBoatface https://en.wikipedi...borough#Naming_poll
It actually exists ... [8th of 7, Jan 06 2021]


       Different kinds of bottom require different anchoring strategies. Most anchors are designed to grip firmly into soft-ish mud or sand. I think a giant mechanised dentures would not grip at all but would just bite a mouthful of sand like a mechanical excavator, and carry it away.   

       [-] for bad science, [+] for big bitey ship prows.   

       Perhaps ro-ro ferries could be usefully anthropomorphised with giant prosthetic shark teeth mounted around the edge of the lifting bow section, and a red painted interior. Could also have loudspeakers playing screams and crunching soundtrack during loading.
pocmloc, Jan 06 2021

       An ideal adjunct to a vessel called "Boaty McBoatface" ...   

8th of 7, Jan 06 2021


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