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Black Box of Death

Of Stress
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It's a small, 14 inch black cube with an elastic-lined hole into which you put your head. Once inside, you are completely sound-proofed from the world, and it from you. Breathing is managed by very small insulation-lined tubes which snake around (so as to provide the largest insulation surface area) to the outside.

Indications: For relief of stress by extreme verbal venting.


1. Place head in hole. Ensure snug fit.
2. Yell/scream the words which will release the most tension. Try to resist the urge to break everything you find. Avoid moving about much.
3. Remove box. Attempt to smile at whoever you were mad at, if they're around, so they won't suspect.

galukalock, Jun 13 2003

Seems a lot like this one.. http://www.halfbake...m/idea/scream_20box
[pluterday, Oct 04 2004]


       it works, I didn't hear a thing.
po, Jun 13 2003

       The Cube of Silence.
phoenix, Jun 13 2003

       Sorry, I got so relaxed I fell asleep wearing it. Maybe it's a sleep aid too?
galukalock, Jun 13 2003

If you make the front panel from a one-way mirror, you can look your nemesis directly in the face when cursing at them. They would only see their reflection bobbling hither and yon.

       Be sure to wear industrial earplugs for your own protection.
Tiger Lily, Jun 13 2003

       [pluterday] Man, you're right. I don't know how I managed to miss that. I dunno. Do you suppose my provision for breathing makes it different enough?   

       Of course, gizmo's idea says hand-held, while mine is specifically designed to allow for a lot of insulation.
galukalock, Jun 13 2003

       Ideal for curing road rage. Portable, too! Would there be enough clearance for me to wear it in the car?
Cedar Park, Jun 14 2003

       //Would there be enough clearance for me to wear it in the car?//   

       And live?
FloridaManatee, Jun 14 2003

       No, no, [FM] it's the Black Box of _Death_, see?
Cedar Park, Jun 14 2003

       I still think gizmo's scream box is very pre-redundant.
FarmerJohn, Jun 14 2003

       I'm kinda thinkin' that way, too, although some of the details (14 inches vs. hand-held, breathing tubes) and contributions here (i.e., one-way mirror) make it different.
galukalock, Jun 14 2003

       Was it William Burroughs who got into a large box (not a casket) and confirmed that amongst other things, it enhanced his sexual senses? I believe the color was described as somewhat less than pitch black.
thumbwax, Jun 15 2003

       //got into a large box //

...by himself?
ldischler, Jun 15 2003

       if you were to use it in the middle of a conversation then surely the person would A) think it rude B) grow supicious about the fact that you dont want them to hear you yelling C) leave out of sheer exhasperation at the fact that thay have attempted to tell you that there is an exceedingly large bulldozer heading towards the place were you are currently located and you and you cant hear them due to all of the insulation
slarti, Jan 18 2004


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