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Yelling Cabin

Urban Stress Release
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Ever get frustrated while walking on the street? So frustrated that you'd just wanted to scream? Now you can. Following the huge success of public toilets, these sound-proof single-person cabins can be used to just yell, scream and rage, with nobody else noticing. Of course, the inside would be padded, for your punching pleasure.

Perhaps a version with a boxing-bag can be made? Also, maybe blue light inside to discourage junkies from shooting up.

Trickytracks, Feb 15 2005

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       How about an Evening Primrose Oil soft gel, coin -op dispenser inside?
mensmaximus, Feb 15 2005

       If you could successfully deter the junkies then I would most definitely use this.
salachair, Feb 15 2005

       //maybe blue light inside to discourage junkies from shooting up//   

       Actually, I think these cabins would only provide them with safe, private places to take a shot of the drug of preference. Nothing guarantees you that these cabins will be used for the intended purpose and not to fulfill every other need for privacy that people experience in the streets.
Pericles, Feb 15 2005

       Yeah, Pericles, but couldn't you say the same of any booth or cubicle? I think deterrence rather than prevention would be the best we could hope for here.   

       Maybe you could have "anger rooms" in local gyms - that way the exorbitant membership fees would discourage certain elements of society (ie those of us with impaired bank balances) from joining up and using the rooms for anything other than their intended purpose.
salachair, Feb 15 2005

       The cabin would be a good place for natural birth of a future president.
FarmerJohn, Feb 15 2005

       //Following the huge success of public toilets//   

       this makes me laugh and i don't know why.
benfrost, Feb 16 2005

       You know, even if people do shoot up or fulfill other private needs int here, it'll still constitute stress relief.
5th Earth, Feb 16 2005

       "Nothing guarantees you that these cabins will be used for the intended purpose."   

       Maybe you could add an automatic door, activated by a noise detector. The door slams shut for privacy as soon as it hears a scream. As soon as the screaming stops, the door swings open again.
robinism, Feb 16 2005

       My fear is that stress will not be the only thing people will find relief from in this cabins.
Pericles, Feb 16 2005

       //blue light inside to discourage junkies from shooting up//
They've tried this in courts round here and it doesn't work. The junkies still inject in the bogs, having shown Boy Scout-like levels of preparednes by tracing on their veins with permanent marker pen.
calum, Feb 16 2005

       Robinism> Yeah, but the point is that noone will notice you screaming... there'll still be a second or so of public noise... and doors slamming shut at breakneck speed doesn't sound all that safe to me...
Trickytracks, Feb 16 2005


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