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Bladeless aircraft turbine

Turbine consisting of a variable intake and cumbustor, no blades
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Instead of using turbine blades to draw in air for combustion (which get their energy from heat) use a variable intake to generate the same suction effect. The opening of the intake would be continually adjusted so that the optimum amount of airflow would pass through maintaining the combustion process, while the shape would provide the maximum compression and acceleration of the incoming air based on the state of the system
tabarin, Apr 29 2005

Ramjets explained - need at least 400mph http://www.aardvark...nz/pjet/ramjets.htm
Please look at the other pages on this site. This bloke seems to be a wonderful mixture of genius and nutcase. [Gordon Comstock, Apr 29 2005]


       It wouldn't be a turbine would it?   

       Ramjets function much this way and I believe SCRAMjets even have the inlet and venturi contols you mention.
bristolz, Apr 29 2005

       I think you're right it would be a ramjet. The difference is this one would work in a stationary position rather than 600 mph needed for a regular ramjet
tabarin, Apr 29 2005

bristolz, Apr 29 2005

       I hesitate to ask what a //cumbustor// is...
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 29 2005

       Rolls-Royce, among others, would be keen to know how this could work when the aircraft was stationary. As far as they know, it's impossible.
david_scothern, Apr 29 2005

       I think this idea involves a grassy park on a sunny day, with a jet tied to a string being ran through the park by a bright-eyed young boy.
contracts, Apr 29 2005

       Wholehearted agreement with [Gordon]. That website has some fine examples of jet engines with no moving parts. The man himself seems to be a highly skilled, spectacularly creative nutcase. Wonder if he fancies joining the HB?
david_scothern, Apr 29 2005

       This might work, given the existence of a technology for large surface area distortion, merging diesel and rotary engines.
reensure, Apr 29 2005

       Then again, it might not.
Basepair, Apr 29 2005

       If the interior of your turbine were very small, and then became very big, it might draw in air from the outside. This is how some fish capture prey - they generate suction by opening their mouths very wide. I think that is how this is supposed to work. I would very much like an illustration depicting this.
bungston, Apr 29 2005

       What? The engine or the fish?
bristolz, Apr 29 2005

       I would like the illustration to depict a sort of hybrid fish/turbine. Possibly it could suck in a goose.
bungston, Apr 29 2005

       Grumman or Canada?
bristolz, Apr 29 2005

TolpuddleSartre, Apr 29 2005


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