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Bleeding Bicycle Lock (Wasp Attracting)

bicycle lock that you dare not cut
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Many cycle locks consist of a heavy flexible chain contained within a weather proof, clear plastic cover. These are weighty, unwieldy and can still be cut by an intrepid thief.

Bleeding Bicycle Lock takes advantage of the clear tubing aspect of this type of lock by filling it with a permanent red dye that also has the characteristic of being highly attractive to wasps, causing them to engage in a stinging frenzy.

The dye remains safely enclosed inside the tubing, under slight pressure until any attempt is made to cut into it.

The benefit is that a very thin, weight saving chain may used. Graphic adverts depicting red dye splattered, wasp encrusted miscreants, fleeing the scene of their failed crimes, ensure that the Bleeding Bicycle Lock acquires an appropriate reputation.

xenzag, Jun 20 2008

n-heptyl butyrate http://www.livingwi...s.com/yel_trap.html
[Klaatu, Jun 20 2008]

Skunklock http://komonews.com...ewsradio/skunk-lock
[xenzag, Nov 03 2016]

Say something righteous! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0AEj3LA2vSo
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       Effective primarily in the summer months. Perhaps a more far-fetched version would be temperature-controlled and contain wasps, such that the bastards are, um, released when the lock suffers tamperage.
calum, Jun 20 2008

       What if they just cut it enough so it leaks?
MisterQED, Jun 20 2008

       A red dye to attract wasps. Jam?
theNakedApiarist, Jun 20 2008

       I would like to see it tested in the real world first.
4whom, Jun 20 2008

       //What if they just cut it enough so it leaks?// - well it's under pressure so they get sprayed AND it's a permanent dye - so apart from attracting the wasps, they bear the indelible mark of their dirty work.
xenzag, Jun 20 2008

       But if the thief brings a bun of some kind, perhaps a croissant, he or she can simply drain off the sweet jam and enjoy a treat before returning to their thievery. I guess you could use only the less-popular flavors of jam. Unfortunately, ILoveJam.com has been taken over by Swedish music lovers and no longer offers a list of jam flavors ranked by popularity. I blame big oil.
luxlucet, Jun 20 2008

       //filling it with a permanent red dye//
Include willows. They attract moose.
Amos Kito, Jun 20 2008


       I would like to see it tested in the real world first.
normzone, Jun 20 2008

       Wasps don't scare me. Now fill it with ebola virus and I'm going nowhere near your bike.
napoleonbag, Jun 20 2008

       Awesome idea. Suggest it to Boris Johnson; he likes to talk about how he rides his bike a lot.
dbmag9, Jun 22 2008

       See last link - thanks to the "inventor" for realising a version of my original idea, as posted here. Judge for yourself.
xenzag, Nov 03 2016

       Make the exploding dye pack a spectroscopically pure color, then the spy satellites can instantaneously find your bicycle with the new weather satellite that scans every 30 seconds.
beanangel, Nov 03 2016

       So if a compound existed which was:
* Highly attractive to wasps
* Long-term stable in storage
* Inexpensive
* Not easily neutralised with a cheap chemical (like bleach; a weak acid such as vinegar; etc)
this would work for ... perhaps about 30% of the year, and when it does, you'd get in trouble if the thief or a bystander is sensitive and dies from anaphylactic shock after being stung.
Loris, Nov 10 2020

       See last link [Loris] or is it Moriarty?
xenzag, Nov 10 2020

       That's rich coming from you, xenzag.
Loris, Nov 10 2020

       //this would work for ... perhaps about 30% of the year,//   

       Maybe local variations could be manufactured... There are certain substances that attract polar bears for example. Other substances secreted by reproductivly receptive... tigers, for example work at surprisingly long ranges to overcome the normally solitary nature of the target. You'd only need these to work once or twice for word to get around...
bs0u0155, Nov 10 2020

       Why not just A-B Foam, contained under pressure as it is in the "filler" cans you can buy? It expands a lot, is gooey (until it sets), a skin irritant, difficult to remove/clean up...
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 10 2020

       If it also brings the wasps, then I can live with that.
xenzag, Nov 11 2020


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