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Keep a track on those embarassing belongings
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A system based on the aerials found on clothes and other items in high street stores.

Attach the flat attennae to things you need to keep an eye on but may lose track of..porn, women's clothes in your size, pictures of various wrong things, illegal drugs, Harry Potter books and even worse. When you need to make sure a room is "clean", simply sweep it with a hand-held sensor to locate and secure incriminating items. The sensor will make a pleasing chine when it finds a tagged item.

Alan_Sosprach, Sep 03 2004


       This is called an "Inventory System" (see category). The "aerials" are called "RFID tags". The angle of avoiding embarrassing things, rather than finding desired things, is new, though.   

       (Obligatory mentioning that I posess lots of women's clothes in my size and don't find that fact particularly noticable. More than 50% of the world is female. Stop writing as if all your readers are male.)
jutta, Sep 03 2004

       I would say that I was writing from a personal perspective but I shall rather say that no women would ever need one, hence the bias.
Alan_Sosprach, Sep 03 2004


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