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Blocks in their prime

Wooden blocks carved with prime numbers
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Blocks shall be constructed of responsibly forested wood. The size of each block shall be 3x7x2 centimeters.

The species of wood and design of a block would be dependent on characteristics of the number. For example, Mersenne primes may all be made from Bamboo, and Fibonacci primes may all be carved in a serif font.

ed, May 03 2009


       Suitable for ages pi(x). Where pi(x) = x/ln x.
4whom, May 03 2009

       Or, suitable for ages totient (n) and cototient (n).
4whom, May 03 2009

       Suitable for those who's age can be divided by two...
4whom, May 03 2009

       I'll take the biggest one you got.
gnomethang, May 03 2009

       Hang on, how big is it?
gnomethang, May 03 2009


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