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Boring Kids

TBMs for kids!
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One of the neatest machines on the planet is the tunnel boring machine or TBM. Those of you from GB will know all about these beasts of the construction world as they were used to dig the channel tunnel(translation for our British friends, Channel Tunnel = Chunnel).

I propose a small battery or even kid powered TBM. Approximately 2 feet in diameter and about the size of a bicycle or wagon the kid TBM would allow your child to construct their own high precision tunnels in snow or even dirt. Standard flexible corrugated pipe can be attached for longer or deeper tunnels to prevent collapse. Older kids will have a ball recreating the climactic tunnel escape scene from the classic movie "The Great Escape"

No kid should be without one of these super cool machines.

jhomrighaus, Mar 12 2007

Or even one of these Drillbit_20mole
[skinflaps, Mar 12 2007]

Just like this, but smaller http://www.engineer...l/images/tunnel.jpg
[hippo, Mar 12 2007]

The Whole Boring Clan http://www.hitchhikers-guide.com/boring/
Boring, yet interesting. [Canuck, Mar 13 2007]


       Where'd it go? [+]
skinflaps, Mar 12 2007

       Gas. Water. Sewage. Electricity. Telephone. Foundations. Great grandparent. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 12 2007

       You mean the chunnel!
BJS, Mar 13 2007

       Yeah that too!
jhomrighaus, Mar 13 2007

       I like the idea, but sounds a bit dangerous for kids with all of the sharp cutting edges and the potential to cut underground cables. Would be a good toy for adults though.
spiraliii, Mar 13 2007

       Obligatory WIFRT: When I first read this idea I thought it was about a genealogical search for descendants of the Boring family (see link).
Canuck, Mar 13 2007

       A tad more dangerous than bikes perhaps, but with the distinct advantage that they wouldn't clutter up the driveway. [+]
placid_turmoil, Mar 13 2007


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