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BlueTooth Pottery

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Somewhere along the line it occured to me that computer hardware often uses ceramic stuff as semiconductors and insulators. So, it should be fairly simple to imbed computer stuff into pottery. It would certainly be nice to add some utility to pottery, which looks nice, but could be easily replaced by much less fragile plastic.
nick_n_uit, Apr 28 2001

Feed me LED http://www.halfbake...dea/feed_20me_20LED
As long as your circuits are there...go live. [reensure, Apr 28 2001]


       I think blue teeth would be excellent - and pottery - yes!
benfrost, Apr 29 2001

       You can embed electronics in just about anything that doesn't conduct. BlueTooth pottery, sure. BlueTooth glassware, BlueTooth cabinets, BlueTooth floors, BlueTooth toilets, BlueTooth mirrors, BlueTooth cars, BlueTooth tables, BlueTooth rocks, BlueTooth light fixtures, BlueTooth whatever.   

       The point is, what do you do with these electronics once you've embedded them? You don't specify that part. Where do they get power from? Do they have I/O other than Bluetooth, or sensors, or something? What's the *point*?   

       The fact that chips occasionally use ceramic packaging makes it no easier or harder to embed them in ceramic pottery. It's actually pretty difficult, because the heat of firing would destroy any embedded electronics, so you'd have to leave a gap for them and slot them in after firing.
egnor, Apr 29 2001

       (We've just finished building a pottery)
And it's v. hard to leave a gap for anything as the ~10% shrinkage of clay during firing is hard to get absolutely right.
hippo, Apr 29 2001

       I say we give hippo a special prize. A Croissie, perhaps.
globaltourniquet, Apr 29 2001

       Ring. "Finish your milk!" "OK, Mom." (how did she know that?)   

       Feasibility isn't enough for a no vote; enough work, time and experimentation makes most things doable.   

       What would you do with it?   

       Bluetooth lets things talk with each other. What would pottery want to talk about?   

       Pottery would need sensors, so it would know something about itself. Perhaps if it is broken or leaking, or how full it is, or how humid its contents are, or how far it's been moved, or whether it is off balance. It could communicate about the weather, about whether the plant needs watering, if the flowers are dead, if a burglar has been by, if it needs to be adjusted after an earthquake.   

       The pot is half full.
evanwolf, Apr 30 2001

       Yeah, but that's just ubiquitous computing (an active area of research); there's no reason to talk specifically about pottery.
egnor, Apr 30 2001

       ...anything to further research into halfbaked ideas.
hippo, Apr 30 2001

       Thank god(dess) for Drexel tools
thumbwax, Apr 30 2001

       Combine it with ceramic dentures, and you have Bluetooth teeth.
angel, Apr 30 2001

       Add a very small amount of Cobalt Oxide when firing your ceramic dentures (Porcelain - fire to about Cone 10 or 1250C) and you'll have Blue Bluetooth Teeth.
hippo, Apr 30 2001

       Perhaps a solar powered bluetooth flower pot? Add a humidity and temperature sensor, and it can send you an e-mail asking for more water, sunlight, or heat.
Worldgineer, Mar 24 2005

       bored, world?
po, Mar 24 2005

       The bakery is like a ghost town today. The "random" link generally helps.
Worldgineer, Mar 24 2005

       love the random button.
po, Mar 24 2005


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