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Bluescreen Knoppix

A Knoppix distro specifically designed for troubleshooting "Windows gone bad"
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A knoppix distribution for troubleshooting bad windows systems.

This would include tools like fdisk, dd (which are already on knoppix) and some other scripts specifically designed for troubleshooting a crashed windows system. For instance, a script that assumes that hard disks are windows format (fat, vfat, ntfs, etc), uses dd to make backups, and tries to make intelligent fixes using fdisk.

lawpoop, Aug 05 2003

Knoppix website http://www.knoppix.net/
find our more about Knoppix here. [lawpoop, Oct 04 2004]


       I prefer throwing my ideas out to halfbakery. Some enterprising linux engineer is bound to wade through the mounds of crap on this site and implement my half-baked idea!
lawpoop, Aug 05 2003

       Well, I figure I'll let the halfbaked community tell me how they like this idea.   

       If I get some crossaints, then I will tell the Knoppix community.   

       But usually, I find that programmers are not receptive to implementing other people's ideas. That's why I prefer posting to halfbakery.com. I can't really implement this idea at all.
lawpoop, Aug 05 2003

       Programmers rip off other people's ideas all the time. Just tell them you have already done this, and they'll reverse engineer it.   

       P.S. How about a link explaining what Knoppix is, exactly.
DrCurry, Aug 05 2003

       Here's your link, Curry, fresh as a hot croissant!   

       Why do other halfbakers chide me for not googling my ideas first, but then always ask for links to things I haven't already explained?
lawpoop, Aug 05 2003


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