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No to All in Windows Explorer

There should be a "No to All" button in Windows Explorer file dialogs.
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Consider the following situation: you need to copy or move a lot of large files on the network. There are thousands of huge files, amounting to gigabytes. You have no time and the network is slow. You have maybe half of the files existing as duplicates that you don't want to overwrite. What can you do? Press "Yes to all" once and wait forever... Or press No like crazy for a thousand times!

Microsoft has always been lagging behind Apple regarding their inventions in the GUI. For the most part, they steal shamelessly, and sometimes they invent a good thing or two. For about a decade, there was only YES and NO in Windows. In Windows 95 or 98 (don't remember), they had the courage to implement "Yes to All". Almost another 10 years have passed... don't you think XP or the absolutely futuristic Longhorn could sport such an "advanced" feature? : )

karon, Feb 03 2004


       This is definitely something I've wished for. There is a "No To All" button, but it only shows up in uninstall dialogs, but no where else I know of.
phoenix, Feb 03 2004

       I agree. Someone ring Bill quick!
hazel, Feb 03 2004

       Someone do that *after* they've made him put a " No to All" button into Windows Explorer
hazel, Feb 03 2004

       err... believe it or not, you can already do this. Simply hold the <SHIFT> key when clicking on the <No> button. Yet another little "trick" of windows...
plinky, Mar 26 2004

       Wow! How did you discover that?
phundug, Mar 26 2004

       The shift trick is documented a few places... but if you want to see it, first you have to present the gate-keeper with the four unbroken seals of Khe-Derr', two Ardvark Spines and the blood of a freshly slain Unicorn.
photojunkie, Mar 26 2004

       On a similar note, I'd like to see an option in those annoying installation dialogs (the online popup plugin stuff where it has an option to "always trust content from -content provider-") that lets you "never trust content from -content provider-".
Freefall, Mar 26 2004

       freefall: There's a product--I think it's called SpywareBlaster, which tricks IE into thinking that you've installed all sorts of spyware thingies; it won't ask you anymore if you want to install Gatorware, because it will think it's already installed (even though it isn't).
supercat, Mar 27 2004

       I actually wrote my own move/copy utility a long time ago to accomplish this very thing. [+]
zigness, Mar 27 2004

       Somewhat baked I guess with the <shift>-No feature... but Croissant none the less to make it more obvious!
kdmurray, Nov 10 2006


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