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Bluetooth Anti-theft/Anti-Loss

A simple app for smartphone/tablet users with multiple devices
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If you're going someplace where you are concerned that one of your mobile devices may become lost or stolen, pair it with your other device (or your significant other's or friend's smartphone/ tablet) via Bluetooth.

If either device loses Bluetooth connectivity with the other (as in, by being moved out of Bluetooth connection range, which is typically around 30 feet, or being powered off by a thief), an alarm sounds on both devices.

21 Quest, Dec 09 2011

Bluetooth Bracelet for Cellphone http://www.ebay.co....d=p3984.m1423.l2649
Not only is this useful to the wearer but it allows us to track them at all times ... errr ... [8th of 7, Dec 11 2011]

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I don't want to have to buy an extra accessory is all [21 Quest, Dec 12 2011]

If I were in the mood for an accessory... http://www.engadget...or-bluetooth-watch/
[21 Quest, Dec 12 2011]


       // If you're going someplace where you are concerned that one of your mobile devices may become lost or stolen //...

       ...keep them in your pockets? Try not to frequent high- crime areas? Hire a midget to keep an eye on your stuff? Seems like there might be simpler solutions to this non- problem.
Alterother, Dec 09 2011

       It's not a non problem. I get calls from customers who lose their devices quite frequently. Keeping it in your pocket is a good idea, but hardly proof against a skilled thief (there's a reason they're called pickpockets). Also, any crowded public place, such as bars, nightclubs, amusement parks, sporting events and political rallies can become a high- crime area.

       There are hundreds of apps, some free and some paid, available to assist in locating missing smartphones. I've even seen an app that sounds an alarm if the charging cable is disconnected. This one is simply designed to prevent it from getting out of your reach in the first place.
21 Quest, Dec 09 2011

       // I get calls from customers who lose their devices quite frequently. //

       Clearly, they have been chosen by Fate and their own carelesness not to be permitted to own such a device.

       We submit that this idea is for all practical purposes Baked <link> and is therefore suggested-for-deletion on grounds of Prior Art.
8th of 7, Dec 11 2011

       There are several wearable devices which sync with phones via Bluetooth, such as a health monitoring arm band and the MOTOACTV music player. I submit that a bracelet is not the same thing as an app which takes advantage of an existing device.
21 Quest, Dec 11 2011

       All right Mister Smartarse, suggested-for-deletion on grounds "Not being HalfBaked at all, but actually a surprisingly good and practical idea."
8th of 7, Dec 12 2011

       That's the closest to praise you'll ever get from them.
Alterother, Dec 12 2011

       That's what they all say.
21 Quest, Dec 12 2011

       By the way, another useful excuse for using such an app instead of a standalone Bluetooth-only accessory is that, should the thief impart velocity to himself, become ballistic, and remove himself from your line of sight and/or hearing range, a smartphone or internet-enabled tablet can be used to actually track the stolen device via GPS and display its movement/resting location on a map, provided the thief has not powered the stolen device off by that point.
21 Quest, Dec 13 2011

       // That's what they all say. //

       Yes, indeed, that's what we all say.

       It's a Collective Cybernetic Hegemonising Swarm thing, you wouldn't understand.

       "And our next contestant tonight is [21Quest], and his chosen specialised subject is 'The Bleedin' Obvious'".
8th of 7, Dec 13 2011


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