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Bluetooth Smartphone Gamepad

because touchscreen games suck
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A full on 14 button + dual analog controller with force feedback that connects to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth.

This would of course require installable drivers on the phone/tablet, but would enable much more serious games, as well as much better play using console emulators.

Alternately, someone could just write drivers for existing bluetooth gamepads.

CyberCod, May 11 2011


       I already do this using an ordinary PS3 controller and my Nokia N900 - people wrote the drivers a long time ago.   

       The only qualm is that the dualshock 3 controller only pairs via USB, so I plug it into a laptop and use that to pair them for the first time. The wii controller is easier to pair.   

       And yes, it is much better to play than using the keyboard buttons. While overclocked the phone will even emulate some n64 games full speed, like F-zero. Great fun.
mitxela, May 11 2011

       //I can see this working well for a tablet, so [+], but for a phone?//   

       Yes, many phones have screens that rival or beat most hand-held gaming devices, and often have faster processors as well.   

       If you think the average smartphone screen is too small to enjoy a game on, then I suggest talking to someone who owns a PSP, 3DS, or even a Gameboy Advance and ask them if they are able to enjoy the experience.
CyberCod, May 11 2011

       The problem isn't the screen size, it's the fact the controller is bigger than the phone. I have a "game gripper" which is a mechanical device that clips over the keyboard to provide an almost-gameboy feeling. It's not as good as using a real controller but it's something I carry in my pocket all the time since it's tiny. I can't fit a full size controller in my pocket.
mitxela, May 11 2011

       Hi, [Cyber], welcome to the HB.   

       A word to the wise… although not as taboo as in former times, excessive enthusiasm for Bluetooth-based devices has resulted in some HalfBakers getting what can only be described as" a right kicking".   

       Since your Bluetooth ideas are reasonable, so far you are in little danger; but the residents can be vicious if roused, so have a care, lest thou awake in the night to find an angry mob plentifully equiped with flaming torches and very sharp agricultural implements visiting your residence to explain to you in blows of one syllable the error of your ways.   

       Having said that, there are some highly skilled and knowledgeable contributors, so there is a distinct risk that a sensible question may elicit a sensible answer. Beware. !
8th of 7, May 11 2011

       //I can't fit a full size controller in my pocket.//   

       Perhaps a SNES style controller would be more your style then. But the original idea is NOT to marry the two devices together, but have them remain separate. Of course having a small stand for the phone/tablet to sit up on would be ideal, so you could sit it on a tabletop in front of you, and hold the controller in your lap. Also, it'd be great for when you mount a tablet to the back of your car seat for the kids to enjoy.   

       @8th of 7: Thanks for the warning. I'm not one of those people who wants to put bluetooth into everything, it just happens that a couple of my ideas incorporate it because it would be appropriate in those cases. If I ever post something about bluetooth enabled corn muffins or the like, please feel free to raise the angry mob and head in my direction.
CyberCod, May 11 2011

       I've heard a rumour that wiimotes can be used with Android handsets already...
idris83, May 11 2011

       Found the Wiimote app... Looks like what the doctor ordered.   

CyberCod, May 12 2011

       One of these and a TV Hat and I'm good to go.
tatterdemalion, May 12 2011


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