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Bobsled Airbags

Because bobsledders risk life and limb.
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I love a good bobsleddin' crash as much as the next guy. But to show our appreciation for the sport, isn't it about time we install airbags (my favorite topic) on all two-man, and four-man bobsleds?

It might add some weight, but if all the teams had standard (controlled) airbags, then it wouldn't affect the competitive balance now would it?

I guess lugers [sic] would be out of luck, but that is because they have to lie supine on a metal toboggan of death. Suckers.

Blumster, Jun 15 2005

Most of it is unrelated , until about 5 paragraphs down. http://www.albany.e...ov7/tablecampus.htm
[Night, Jun 17 2005]

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       What's the point of dangerous sports if they're not dangerous?
DrCurry, Jun 15 2005

       It would probably enshrine the current worlds fastest bobsled times?
Would these be cleavage airbags?
hidden truths, Jun 15 2005

       This would make the sport no less dangerous. Just less deadly.   

       Crashes would happen at the same rate as before, presumably.
Blumster, Jun 15 2005

       I dont think thee crashes work the same way in bobsleding. That is, in a car, if their was no seatbelt or airbag, you impact into the wheel and die. in a bobsled, you would likely just fly out and smash into something. Also , the concussive force of the airbag might push you off. [-] Sorry.
Night, Jun 16 2005

       The airbags I envisioned would be on the sides of the vehicle as well, and would essentially "squeeze" any occupants, to prevent them from flying out.   

       [edit: [nylonstringer] Do you have any references of people flying out of bobsleds? If so, please do link!]
Blumster, Jun 16 2005

       “With bobsled, you have an 800-lb. sled and if you crash, that sled may end up on top of you. ''   

       I couldn't find any sources citing them fly out of the sled(You try and think of bloody search terms, hah), but I have seen them fall out when the sled tips. I know, it's not the same!   

       I bump my vote to neutral.   

       : )
Night, Jun 17 2005


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