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Body Type "FONT"

Sports Illustrated Online models in S, M, L, XL pulldown menu
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Just like you can select the Font size on your browser View, now you can select Body Types you're 'turned on' by.

I mean why do we have to take whatever the media gives us?

Shouldn't we have a choice to seeing our favourite models the way we think they should look. After all, aren't celebrities legally acknowledged as 'Public Property'?

In that light we should have some rights over how we decide to see them too.

Plus points to this idea: One magazine can appeal to several demographics or psychographics without really changing its format.

Points to consider: Does a body type change just mean photoshop-ing a model to alter her shape? Or does it mean seeing a totally different group of models? Whichever comes up tops for the audience should be the way to go.

Bottomline: Let's stop being pushed around by media 'visionaries'. Let's see the world we want to see instead of what they force down our subconscious processes.

jaeson, Jul 18 2001

MovieReshape http://www.youtube....watch?v=zXSj4pcl9Ao
Algorithm for reshaping bodies using a set of sliders controlling different measurements. [iaoth, Apr 15 2011]


       You can shorten or lengthen or widen or slimmen (?)whomever in your free Microsoft Paint program. In fact, you can even do this in an email draft. Try it. Send yourself the email as proof.
thumbwax, Jul 18 2001

       "Let's see the world we want to see instead of what they force down our subconscious processes."   

       Make sure you don't confuse something being forced down with something being selected as most likely to be sucked down. It's easy to edit what you see, right now. If you don't like what you see at SI, the answer isn't to change SI -- the answer to go elsewhere.   

       But if it's a technie solution you want, it would be straightforward to write a web proxy server that modifies images on the fly when you go to a web site. All you'd have to do is modify the aspect ratio of all the images -- make everything 10-20% wider, and you'll probably see normal women. Of course, this would have the opposite effect if they're laying down; but this could probably be mostly fixed by stretching the image along whichever axis is shorter. (i.e. if an image is taller than it is wide, stretch it horizontally, and visa-versa)
TickleMeElmo, Jul 18 2001

       This could cause strife if your spouse happens to look at websites using your computer... but for people without privacy issues it sounds like a great idea. TV commercials should have it too.
phundug, Apr 15 2011

       Always fun when someone bumps an old idea and I discover that we have the technology now. [link]
iaoth, Apr 15 2011

       //if your spouse happens to look at websites using your computer// then this could ensure that whoever they're chatting with looks unattractive.
mouseposture, Apr 16 2011


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