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Boldly go where no Hadron has gone before

get to be a sub-atomic particle for a day.
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Run a competition, the first prize being to get to crawl around the inside of the new Large Hadron Collider at CERN, before it starts firing particles. Winner also gets a T shirt with an appropriate slogan (on which I am still working.)

Now has a song to go with presentation ceremony, by the Ronettes of course: "I met another particle, and my heart stood still, da do hadron ron, da do hadron..."

xenzag, Mar 24 2008

Large Hadron Collider http://en.wikipedia...rge_Hadron_Collider
at Cern [xenzag, Mar 24 2008]

LHC http://lhc-machine-...teresting-facts.htm
some stats [xenzag, Mar 24 2008]

LHC http://petermccread...folio/07041608.html
selection of super 3d pans with sound [xenzag, Mar 24 2008]

Street Luge http://www.skateluge.com/stluge.htm
The only way to travel around this thing, I'd've thought... [DrCurry, Mar 24 2008]

Large Hadron Collider at webcomic xkcd http://xkcd.com/401/
"When charged particles of more than 5 TeV pass through a bubble chamber, they leave a trail of candy." [baconbrain, Mar 26 2008]

Two men pursuing a lawsuit in federal court to block LHC http://www.nytimes....3347fe4e&ei=5087%0A
[Klaatu, Mar 30 2008]

Open day at CERN http://press.web.ce...s2008/PR03.08E.html
Go if you can. You've only got three days to get over there and the last one was in 2004. [wagster, Apr 03 2008]


       "I crawled miles through a curved airless steel tunnel and all I got was this lousy T-shirt".....
8th of 7, Mar 24 2008

       Before anyone points it out - I know that there is not much space in that pipe... but this is the halfbakery.
xenzag, Mar 24 2008

       Ouch!</having collided head-on with [8th]>   

       I hope someone was observing how my wits were scattered, so they can collect them for me energetically.
pertinax, Mar 24 2008

       [8th] hee hee hee.
po, Mar 24 2008

       T-shirt suggestion: "Bosons, muons, pions, fermions, and this moron have one thing in common....we have all been in the LHC."
4whom, Mar 24 2008

       This bun is for 4whoms T-shirt.
Noexit, Mar 24 2008

       Do you have to crawl all 16 miles to get the T-shirt? And through the actual accelerator ring, or is strolling through the service tunnel acceptable?
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 24 2008

       What'll happen if you meet someone else coming the other way? Do you have to stand with your arms and legs reached out in strange ways while a Matrix-like shot of the pair of you is taken?
Dub, Mar 24 2008

       Other T-shirts:   

       Higgs might fly.   

       Monopole, my ass!   

       Dr. Strangelets, or, How I stopped worrying and learned to love the inevitable runaway fusion process initiated by the conversion of all matter into strange matter.
4whom, Mar 24 2008

       Ask me about my hadron.   

       I just want to crawl to the end to see if Kilroy had made it there yet.
RayfordSteele, Mar 24 2008

       I'm also thinking of a new version of a Frank Sinatra track: "Strangelets in the night, exchanging glances we were leptons at first sight, it turned out so right for strangelets in the night"
xenzag, Mar 24 2008

       *Crawling* ? At least you should be shot around on a street luge, even if they can't actually get you up to near light speed.
DrCurry, Mar 24 2008

       Why not wait till it's operational and do it then? Have some hydrogen extracted from the winner and accelerate it to light speed. Which sure beats hydraulically compressing the winner through a tiny tube.
ldischler, Mar 24 2008

       // Which sure beats hydraulically compressing the winner through a tiny tube. //   

       Yes, but does it ?
8th of 7, Mar 24 2008

       I was thinking of organising some sort of halfbakers expedition when it goes live. You can fly out there and have a bit of a tour and a snoop around.
wagster, Mar 24 2008

       [xenzag] Or Hawkwind's -Quark, Strangness and Charm
Dub, Mar 24 2008

       I had a dangerous liason
To have been found out would've been a disgrace
We had to rendezvous some mesons
On the corner of an undiscovered place
wagster, Mar 24 2008

       // You can fly out there and have a bit of a tour and a snoop around //   

       Looks like you've just discovered a whole new branch of Chaos Theory ......
8th of 7, Mar 24 2008

       Scientists do it in tubes!
Voice, Mar 24 2008

       //T-shirt suggestion: "Bosons, muons, pions, fermions, and this moron have one thing in common....we have all been in the LHC."//   

       I want that t-shirt. I want to earn that t-shirt ... I want to be that moron. Where do I sign up for this competition? [+]
MikeD, Mar 25 2008

       Oh my. I only wish I could bun again for [DrCurry] and his street luge anno.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 25 2008

       Nice to see you around [Dub]. How is "Le Femme D'Argent"?
4whom, Mar 26 2008

       Hi [4Whom], it's nice to be noticed. (I'm back by request.) Fine, as far as I know. {recent chat}
Dub, Mar 27 2008

       Or you could arrange for your ashes to be annihilated and turned into pure energy, fulfilling your hopes of what happens to you when you die.
marklar, Mar 30 2008

       Three buns. One for the original idea, one for [4whom]'s t-shirt, and one for [DrCurry]'s street luge anno. [+++] :)
Ratwoman, Apr 01 2008

       Aw, I thought you meant we'd get to be an actual hadron. That would've been particularly fun.
Ander, Apr 03 2008


       I've just found out that on Sunday CERN is throwing open its doors to the world - see the detectors, meet the physicists, have a wander around the LHC (link). And I'm going to be in Paris. I wish I'd known about it earlier or I would have been there.   

       Anyway, if anyone gets the opportunity to scoot over to Geneva on Sunday you can do it instead and tell me about it. You might even get the chance to "get a bit lost" and hop into the LHC for a hadrons eye view. Put on a coat though, bits of it are now getting chilly (1.8K).
wagster, Apr 03 2008

       Chance to meet the bosuns and tell a cringe making joke - "Hey is that particle not hard to see? - "yes you need to keep a firm eye on it!" sorry
xenzag, Apr 03 2008

       // sorry //   

       Not good enough, not nearly good enough. Someone hold his arms while we open the access panel .... and for heaven's sake, stop screaming, it's only a littl bit of vacuum.....
8th of 7, Apr 03 2008


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