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Bombing a Landfill

"Honey, is it raining used diapers and old newspapers?"
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As I currently live on Staten Island, home to the largest landfill in the world, one may ponder the uses of a very large man made hill. A future park, a source of energy from collected gases, a possible site for electric wind turbines, a hill for skiing and sleigh riding in winter are all ideas. But what would happen if it exploded?

I have often wondered how deep an explosive device would have to be placed within the landfill and what the charge of that device would have to be to rain odorous terror down upon the populous of this island. (I also have wondered how many seagulls died from starvation due to its closure.)

MrDaliLlama, Jun 12 2005


       Modify the idea. The military needs firing ranges. Trash needs to be destroyed. Why not make trash a military responsibility. They pick it up and build their own island out of it. Then they get to drop all the bombs they want. Pilots get valuable training and our waste gets incinerated.
10clock, Jun 12 2005

       They go through it and figure out how we got into this tangled mess in the first place. The DOD bureau of trash analysis and strategic historial re-creation.
JesusHChrist, Jun 12 2005

       You're more likely to get an underground fire from all he methane down there, which is why they put all that effort into venting it.
DrCurry, Jun 12 2005

       I was wondering the other day if the Earth would be nothing more than landfills and graveyards in a couple of thousand years. I wonder if someone could work out a way to combine the two that didn't seem horrificly taboo?
Zimmy, Jun 12 2005

       It's raining muck! Hallelujah, it's raining muck, that sucks! [+]   

       Dear [MrDaliLlama], I wanted to chat to you about an idea, but you don't have an email address on your profile page. I do, however. Would you mind getting in touch? Many thanks.
wagster, Jun 12 2005

       Where I used to live we had one hill in our town, and it was a covered landfill. The methane that comes off the garbage is piped across the street to a concrete plant that uses the gas to supply 75% of it's energy.   

       This hill is locally known as Mt. Trashmore. Best Super Gt Snow Racing spot around.
Giblet, Jun 12 2005

       I thought maybe this would be about using shaped charges to compact the landfill further to increase capacity and improve soil stability for when the landfill ultimately becomes the site of a housing development.
half, Jun 12 2005

       " ... for when ... "?   I hope there's advertisement.
reensure, Jun 12 2005

       The Treasure Island housing projects in San Francisco, CA, are going to be built on what were essentially unregulated military garbage dumps.   

       There is a lot of environmental cleanup work being argued about.
5th Earth, Jun 13 2005

       Thanks for all the annotations. My focus is more on a landfill as a target of terrorism or horrible smelly performance art involving a nuclear bomb or a large quantity of TNT than the future uses of the landfill. While I disagree in using a landfill for housing as there is a high rate of cancer near another landfill that houses hazardous waste (you know its bad when the warnings to stay out are in more than one language) but look forward to many electricity producing windmills on the site. The landfill already is equipped to collect methane but as to its uses I have not reasearched that yet.
MrDaliLlama, Jun 13 2005


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