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Beautiful warfare

Secret units plant parks and trees at night, and beautify the enemy's teritorry
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Anti terrorist units plant parks and trees in locations where the enemy shot at you. They build up nice houses and invite the enemy to live in them. Commandos set up roof gardens landing with helicopters. The commandos then secretly run to the sea and are collected by a navy seal unit.

Artillery shoots flowerbeds into empty lots. Drones drop parachutes with ornamentary furniture for the enemy to use in their living rooms, selected by collaborators.

Instead of seeing pictures of slums in Afghanistan, invest the money in beautiful new neighborhoods for the enemy. Next time the road is filmed, it looks like Tehran or Miami.

After a while they'll get tired of the insurgents, and start thinking of how to make life nicer for themselves and for everyone else.

Also, provide them with green solutions like PV panels, vegetative roofs and wind towers.

pashute, Nov 16 2012

http://invisiblemik.../2011/10/fpower.jpg quite a famous image.... [xenzag, Nov 17 2012]

The origin of flower power http://media.washin...H2007031701303.html
Although this idea is the opposite. Where the fighting corps are the ones with the flowers against insurgents [pashute, Nov 20 2012]

Fitted Carpet bombing Fitted_20carpet_20bombing
Reminds me of this,... [PainOCommonSense, Nov 20 2012]


       So if my country just sits there grinding along in debt and poverty, we get nothing.   

       On the other hand, if we start armed insurrection we get development.   

       To the barricades lads!
pocmloc, Nov 16 2012

       For some reason, I really like this! [+]
xandram, Nov 16 2012

       [ ] what poc and xan said.
FlyingToaster, Nov 16 2012

       //armed insurrection//   

       Well, I'll bid your //armed insurrection// plus cookies!
lurch, Nov 16 2012

       I like this idea, and I'm bunning it, but it will have absolutely no impact on armed conflict. Nothing will. If you somehow removed all of the world's weapons (and improvised weapons), nations would still send their armies to wage war barehanded. Violence is a part of us, just as it is with nearly every animal (even mice and little fishes attack and kill each other).
Alterother, Nov 16 2012

       Folks, the equation of History is extremely simple. The lack of conflict leads to overpopulation. Overpopulation leads to conflict. It's been true ever since some old tribe of Homo Habilis got numerous enough to divide into two tribes --except that all the neighboring territories were already occupied.
Vernon, Nov 17 2012

       Vernon, sadly, according to the scriptures it happened way before there were two tribes. I remember also reading about a murder near Tierra Del Fuego with only two residents, where one of them was murdered by the other. A similar phenomenon happened on Isle of Man. (BTW what's the source of that name)   

       Still, I like this idea of mine and am sure the first country to adopt it will at least make headlines. And today, that's what's important.
pashute, Nov 19 2012

       Someone wrote a rather witty sci fi short about just this kind of war - one side were essentially DNA artists, and they used seeds to propagate their way of life, while the other side used good old tanks and bombs.
DrCurry, Nov 19 2012

       //way before there were two tribes.//
You mean when Adam and Eve were dis-Abel-ed?
lurch, Nov 19 2012

       //according to the scriptures it happened way before there were two tribes//

According to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, the opposite is true.
DrBob, Nov 20 2012

       Which Frankie song do you mean?
pashute, Nov 25 2012

       And if its done with Chinese art it will be Global War Ming.   

       [Dr Bob]? I ask again which episode?
pashute, Dec 10 2012

       Re visiting this idea: I heard that in Montesore kindergardens the kids are not allowed to play with toy guns and toy soldiers and that everything is made from wood, so the boys take the wooden giraffes and shoot at each other.
pashute, May 14 2018


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