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Bonsai Sunflower Dashboard

The perfect anti glare device
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The sun is getting annoying. It just won't stop shining and it is getting on my wick. It's constant reflection of my cars dashboard on to the window is not only uncalled for, it is bordering on harassment.

I admit that a search of the internet showed up some anti glare mats for car dashboards. But they didn't seem either pretty enough nor particularly inspiring.

I thought a series of corrugations might reflect light in different ways and not onto the windscreen but that would probably only work if I only drove in a particular direction in comparison to the sun's position at any given time of the day. Good fun, but not the best way to find your way out of Baisingstoke.

Then it hit me. The reflecting surface needs to move according to the sun's position regardless of my driving direction. The next thought was obviously, sunflowers. They track the sun across the sky as it moves. They could do the same for me, tracking the sun from the comfort and safety of their dashboard mounted planter. I turn right, the sunflowers re-align themselves accordingly.

The sunflower's natural tendency towards height could limit this ideas potential. Hence the proposed use of Bonsai techniques to keep the flowers to a regulation height of approx 3cm.

Captain Pugwash, Oct 10 2013


       I suppose just having the sunflowers in pots you could automatically lower, ie in vertical tubes in the firewall. Might count as plant harassment.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 11 2013

       [Captain], may I commend to you a slim but invaluable reference book: "The apostrophe - it's use and misuse" by Euphoria Glycine? Volume VII, in particular, may be of considerable assistance.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2013

       Naah, like any everything else, apostrophes function best in the wild.   

       Who can forget that footage of the herd of apostrophes making their way across the Zambezi, while packs of semicolons lurk, waiting to pick off the old and the weak. Bit like politicians. Free the apostrophe!
not_morrison_rm, Oct 11 2013

       Ironically, the word "apostrophe" comes from a Greek phrase which, in the Western alphabet, would be rendered as "apos ais trophei" (lit. "that which is not found"). It should therefore be rendered as "apos'trophe".
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 11 2013

       Admit'dly grammer/spolling isnt myne strongth. I think I put in a few and took out a few. But I'd like to think that they are all there just not necessarily in the right order...
Captain Pugwash, Oct 12 2013


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