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Book of spam

Read unwanted email at your coffee table
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A nicely bound hard-copy detailed history of spam, unwanted email not the meat, including many examples of spam nicely framed in a large coffee table book.

The collected spam could be categorized into different types including offers for an enlarged penis, low cost drugs, cheap mortgage rates, as well as the detailed tricks of the trade like the long passages of seemingly meaningless content they attach or using the $ instead of an s to avoid words that trigger spam filters.

It could even feature spam experts talking with pride about their trade and how they got involved creating and proliferating spam and why they love it or the anti-spam people who fight it and how they love to go hiking on the weekends with their labrador retriever Chip.

dhousman, Oct 08 2004

The Spam Letters by Jonathan Land http://www.amazon.c...os/ASIN/1593270321/
pretty close [krelnik, Oct 08 2004]

email me if you don't want one for christmas http://www.spamshir...roducts.php?lang=en
I am going to order - it's me, Salome497 from AOL [po, Oct 08 2004]


       you are quite crackers - I can identify with that.
po, Oct 08 2004

       Very bakable. Talk to Taschen - it's right up their POP3 server.
wagster, Oct 08 2004


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