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Bounce Tower

A Trampoline Tower
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This idea came to me several years ago, but this was before I found the hb, so I didn't know what to do with it.

Basically it's a tower of trampolines. Each level is half trampoline, half open space, except at the top, and the "floors" are staggered, and 15 feet apart. In order to reach the next floor up, you must bounce to reach it. There would be ropes hanging over the lower level, 10 feet up from each floor, so the only way to get to the next floor is to jump 10 feet, grap a rope, climb 5 feet, then do this over and over again until you reach the top floor.

There would be a wide assortment of treats awaiting the victorious, such as bookstores, StarBucks coffee, massage rooms, etc., a paradise that you have to work hard to get to. There would be elevators to get back down.

There would be several towers of varying heights to offer progressive levels of challenge, with more enticing rewards at the tops of each progressively taller tower.

This would be a wonderful addition to society. It would encourage people to excercise (the lazy and out-of shape would never be able to reach to top unless they changed their ways), thus creating a better, more harmonious society.

21 Quest, Jan 23 2006


       your best idea to date +
xenzag, Jan 23 2006

       Wonderful! Though I would prefer a helter-skelter to an elevator as a method of descent.
wagster, Jan 23 2006

       Well, the whole point of the elevator is to provide a means of egress without damaging or losing anything you bought at the top of the tower. But I see no reason a helter-skelter could not be available alongside the elevator. Heck, that would provide even more entertainment for those on the elevator, watching people go down the helter-skelter....Thanks for the great idea!
21 Quest, Jan 23 2006

       This idea was used on a British advert for processed fish rectangles, some children used them as a means of reaching the top of a cliff.
fridge duck, Jan 23 2006

       I was going to post an idea for Air Traffic Control Tower Helter Skelter descent, to give the maximally stressed staff a post-work pick me up but I see that I was thinking insufficiently bigly. A bouncy ATC tower with wagster's helter skelter mod would surely result in an invigorated profession and fewer of those regular and hushed-up near misses.
calum, Jul 10 2006

       wonderful idea if scaled down for a kids play place or chuck e cheese's
tatmkr, Jul 11 2006

       Even better if scaled up to skyscraper-sized elasticated edifice, an entirely self-contained bouncy community from which few ever choose to stray [+].
DocBrown, Jul 12 2006

       What if you could bungie jump back down?
Wingmaster, Jan 08 2007

       Might want to overlap the levels to make it a bit safer, unless that's what you meant. The safer it is, the easier it is to avoid lawsuits right?

       Could there be a large padded pool filled with more foam padding to jump into somewhere in there?
Eugene, Jan 08 2007

       It is indeed what I meant, Eugene.

       Perhaps for the exit, you could have a busboy run your things down a staff-only elevator and you could dive down into a large, deep pool filled with custard? Trained lifeguards on duty, of course.
21 Quest, Jan 09 2007

       I had a dream once when I was a young boy about a house with slides and tubes to get you from the top to the bottom, instead of stairs, oddly placed levels etc. But my mind could never figure out how to get back to the top again. You've solved that problem. Thank you!
Noexit, Jan 09 2007

       *deep bow*

       Happy to oblige. 'twas my pleasure!
21 Quest, Jan 09 2007

       I think getting down, using the trampolines, would be the biggest challenge, and is the real reason I'd like to see this thing made.
Custardguts, Jan 09 2007

       Please, someone get someone to build this. The world will be a better place.
Trickytracks, Jan 09 2007

       Baked in many computer games...""wouldn't it be great if..."[-]
simonj, Nov 03 2007

       right on , climbing and jumping are underrated
wjt, Nov 03 2007

       I was just thinking about this idea yesterday. And here it is, back on top. It bounced back up :)
phundug, Nov 03 2007

       //you could dive down into a large, deep pool filled with custard//

       <winces, inhales sharply, and shakes head> I think pretty much everyone here knows enough about the properties of custard to know what would happen.

       Anyhow - I'm surprised I didn't bun this the last time it was churned. [+] Rectified.
jtp, Nov 04 2007

       i need this to exist, despite the inevitable fatalities and lawsuits. [+]
k_sra, Mar 10 2009

       If we can get some funding, I'd be happy to make it a reality for you.
21 Quest, Mar 10 2009

       Don't know how I missed this. <want>   

       Me too. I need something like this in my life.
21 Quest, Jun 24 2013

       This idea seems mysteriously to have lost all its votes. I have kickstarted the restoration fund. [+]
pertinax, Sep 06 2020


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