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BouncyBallSnow CastlePitGlobe

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A spherical, clear plastic bouncy castle that uses the power of jumping children to blow white plastic balls up collection tubes around the perimeter of the globe to snow down on them as they bounce.

A rendering http://www.bimmerbo...inal/snowglobe1.jpg
[jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006]

Another view http://www.bimmerbo...inal/snowglobe2.jpg
[jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006]

Another http://www.bimmerbo...inal/snowglobe3.jpg
[jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006]

(?) Doodle http://s68.photobuc...wCastlePitGlobe.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 27 2006, last modified Nov 28 2006]

(?) Baked Alaska! http://gzbw.en.alib...globe.html#inSearch
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Sep 26 2010]


       So you want to pelt little children with plastic balls and you want them to power the machine that does it? Delicious, so cleverly evil that its very evilness may be concealed for eons. Bravo, 2 fries, bravo!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Nov 26 2006

       Wow, where's bris and John when you need them. Try as I might, I can not picture a spherical castle. But the concept is intriquing. A wreath shaped croissant for you.
blissmiss, Nov 26 2006

       can they get out of this globe, say if they feel a bit sick with all this jumping, heaving, horizon motioning, vision blurring, oppressive smell of sweaty little boys...
po, Nov 26 2006

       Kids trapped inside a giant snow globe would be a good Christmas gift for the evil ruler who has everything. "You'd better keep jumping if you want to get fed today."
imaginality, Nov 26 2006

       Fed? How about "... if you want to keep oxygen flowing." Aren't they cute, the way they jump around in their little snow man fat suits, waving and pounding on the soundproof bubble shell?
jutta, Nov 26 2006


       do you have to be a Multiplyer to see 2fries' link?
po, Nov 26 2006

       Couldn't really see the point of this until [imaginality]'s comment. I was stumped as to what to get my evil ruler until now. Buns for both of you.
jtp, Nov 26 2006

       [2 fries] I attached a render of what I kind of thought you meant. Feel free to delete if you like or if you want to let me know if you want to see something different I can try to make the changes. See my profile if you want the program I made this in and I will email you the model.   

       I hope you like it.
jhomrighaus, Nov 27 2006

       I love it. Thank you very much [jhomrighaus], and don't even think about deleting it. I'm afraid the program won't do me much good until I can find time to learn how to use it, but if you don't mind me taking a rain cheque I'm working on getting enough spare time for just that sort of thing.   

       Well I'm not [bris] or [FJ] but I did a little doodle too. [link] I decided that the balls should just be launched to roll up the inside curve of the sphere rather than inside tubes.   

       Fantastic! Fave idea for a long time.
squeak, Nov 27 2006

       Not getting any pictures on your link [2 fries], what are the permissions like on it?
hidden truths, Nov 27 2006

       [ht] (You should be able to, it's on multiply)
skinflaps, Nov 27 2006

       The plastic balls which shower down as 'snow' should themselves be tiny snowglobes with little model children inside, thus planting the first paranoid seed of suspicion that the globe they're in is itself a ball in some vast Gulliver-proportioned snowglobe.
hippo, Nov 27 2006

       //it's on multiply// logged in?
po, Nov 27 2006

       Ok, I put it in Photobucket instead. I never thought that pictures from Multiply wouldn't be able to be seen if not logged on.   

       It should work now.   

       For some reason I was getting no reaction from the multiply link, despite being logged in, quite possibly just another of their technical hitches.   

       <Looks at link> Pretty. [+] for you </LaL>
hidden truths, Nov 27 2006

       + sounds like fun and a good doodly-do, too +
xandram, Nov 28 2006

       All of the bouncy castles I've seen have big blower fans that keep them constantly inflated. Just use a big fan and you wouldn't have to rely on the bouncing so much.   

       Boffo idea anyway +
nomocrow, Nov 28 2006

       Why not just build a big mechanical, maniacal hand to pick the globe up every once in a while and shake it? Aside from this, [+].
daseva, Nov 28 2006

       Having children bounce to make the snow makes the idea. Hello?
Chefboyrbored, Nov 28 2006

       I like it a lot +
dev45, Nov 28 2006

       I love seeing this stuff made real. [link]   

       Cool idea, but I don't like the looks of that suspicious looking sullen adult in there moping around. I'm pretty sure that's a bomb in his backpack. [+]
doctorremulac3, Sep 26 2010

       I wish my bun [+] weren't so superfluous....
Boomershine, Sep 27 2010

       Hold on a sec. I have to look that up.
Therer is no such critter. It's like a Jackalope.

calum, Sep 30 2021


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