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Bouncy Clown Flower Recharger

to recharge batteries or to power a light show
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The link shows a rechargeable flashlight that recharges by shaking. It may have a gyroscope inside or it is just a magnet that you shake back and forth. So these rechargeable things that recharge via movement, you could amplify the movement by putting them on bouncy springs, so if you were to wear alot of them you could have alot of energy but maybe not travel around so easily. But what is a few bouncy clown flowers here and there, especially if they are powering your iPad so that you never have to forget the damn rechager at home and get to the party only to have a nonfunctional iPad to show off. Or also you could never have to get to the party only to have the multicolored LED lightshow on your bouncy clown flower lapel pin all of the sudden poop out, just as that hot number was approaching...
JesusHChrist, Mar 08 2011

gyro recharger http://www.pcworld....able_batteries.html
[JesusHChrist, Mar 08 2011]

Mechanically Powered Flashlight http://en.m.wikiped..._powered_flashlight
[JesusHChrist, Jun 24 2013]


       ...a 10 foot compass to measure off a 10 foot perimeter around the end of the 10 foot pole with which anyone would not even touch this cry for help.
JesusHChrist, Mar 09 2011

       I think things are just a little slow 'round here, don't take it personally.
rcarty, Mar 09 2011

       Does anyone know of an implementation of this or another solution? I keep running out of juice.
JesusHChrist, Jun 24 2013

       //you could amplify the movement by putting them on bouncy springs// Yay! Finally, a way around the laws of energy conservation!   

       Once in a while, you know, a little elementary maths comes in handy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 24 2013

       Right the idea is not valid as witten so let me try to rephrase:   

       Take a recharger that you recharge by shaking and attach it to your backpack at the end of a flexible rod so that as you march all day, the recharger is waving back and forth in time with your gait and the recharger is charging up. At the end of the day you have enough stored energy to run your mobile electronics.
JesusHChrist, Jun 24 2013

       Don't forget the "shake-weights" video...
normzone, Jun 24 2013

       To address the objection of it being unweildy to have a bouncey pole sticking out of your backpack all day: you would be losing energy overall, although probably not much, and I imagine you would quickly adapt to the extra potential for energy storage and might even be able to lean to use it to your advantage over rough terrain.
JesusHChrist, Jun 24 2013

       It must be that time of year or something, but taping those to the appropriate parts of (for example) a pole dancer would boost your green kudos and off-set carbon footprint.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 25 2013


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