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Bowling for Nutcrackers

Hear them fly...
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I was knocking over a bunch of nutcracker ornaments this morning, by accident, and it became rather fun. No, it became a lot of fun. Both for me and claire.

Hmmm, a new game came to me holiday spirited, green and tinseled, mind. Sort of like a Twister mat, with Christmas decals on it. Nutcrackers at the end, of differing size, etc. And lead Christmas balls to knock em down with. Beautiful, sparkling Christmas bobbles. rolling down the mat, headed for the wooden men. Made of lead. Eggnog at the end,

blissmiss, Dec 04 2009

Nutcrackers http://www.istockph...kers.php?id=4755304
[The_Saint, Dec 05 2009]

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       Your blogs are always entertaining, blissmiss. I'm just curious why you would post it on a 'halfbaked' think tank site?
Wily Peyote, Dec 04 2009

       Are you talking to me? I've never blogged in my little life. And what's a think tank?
blissmiss, Dec 04 2009

       This - the Halfbakery - is a think tank. A Good One.   

       You've never blogged? This is a blog. It's your freakin' journal. At least it'd better be! There isn't a significant idea here ... or is there?   

       If there is actually a real idea here: please enlighten us!
Wily Peyote, Dec 04 2009

       A game. A Christmas time game. A Twister like mat, with nutcrackers at the end. The balls are made a little heavier than regular tree baubles. You roll them down the lane, on the Twister like mat, an you see how many nutcrackers you knock over at the end. Was I not clear enough?   

       Opponent stands 'em up, and it's their turn.
blissmiss, Dec 04 2009

       So ... it's bowling? Just Christmasy? Why didn't you say this the first time? I never vote, but that would almost be cool!   

Wily Peyote, Dec 04 2009

       They are called nutcrackers because you crack nuts in their mouths. (Bowling for Nutcrackers doesn't imply bowling? Shuffleboard for Nutcrackers might be more descript?)
blissmiss, Dec 04 2009

       You're making no more a fool of yourself than any of the rest of us. (And your Professional Doodling Contests idea is one of my favorites.)
swimswim, Dec 05 2009

       great game blissy - I don't know what these ornaments look like though. ah, so [WP] is a blogger and a think tanker not a halfbaker as such.
po, Dec 05 2009

       nutcrackers like the wooden soldier in "Nutcracker ballet"
dentworth, Dec 05 2009

       I tend to ignore the criticism of annotators who have offered no ideas of their own.   

       The idea here is obvious enough to not need much more description. Post away, blissy!
RayfordSteele, Dec 05 2009

       Maybe we should string Christmas out until Easter, to promote more stability. Can we use TARP funds for that?
RayfordSteele, Dec 08 2009


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