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Christmas resolutions

Let's get back to the True Meaning of Christmas
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Christmas and New Years Eve seem to me to be precisely ass-backwards. We get loads of presents (without earning them) for Christmas and then come New Years Day, make half-assed resolutions to go to the gym every day, which lasts precisely long enough to, well, go to the gym once to sign the direct debit form.

This is both illogical and disfunctional.

So I propose replacing New Years Resolutions with Christmas resolutions. Come the 24th of November, you publically declare your resolution (perhaps using a very clever website that hasn't been invented yet). If you succeed in sticking at your resolution until Christmas, you get presents, as well as great abs. Otherwise, you get NOTHING.

bumhat, Dec 22 2006


       ..but what happened to the lump of coal?
xandram, Dec 22 2006

       Bah, I just figured this meant making the new years resolutions on christmas - thus giving most people a better chance of carrying them on into the next year.   

       By the way, is ass-backwards not the usual way to go about things? I've been walking around ass-backwards for most of my life.
fridge duck, Dec 22 2006


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