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Blessed +3 Helm of Personal Hygiene
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For those of us with thick and luxuriant flowing hair, showering can be a bit of a tiresome experience. After applying one's shampoo, conditioner, and assorted other haircare products, it's simply a hassle to rinse them all out. It takes quite a while, not to mention some concerted scrubbing, and the whole time the shower has to be pointed directly at your head. As a result, the water tends to drip down one side of the body, leaving the other side to get cold.

No longer with the Brainwasher! This helmet extends on a retractable cord from the ceiling of the shower to fit neatly over your head. Inside, the high power rotating jets activate, quickly removing all of the chemical residue from your glorious mane. All the while, the regular shower nozzle continues to operate, keeping you nice and warm throughout your cleansing ritual.

Since the temperature is adjustable indepently from the main nozzle, an optional “invigorator” mode provides utility for even the less hirsute bather. A blast of cold water on your head while your body stays nice and warm provides just the jumpstart you need to get going in the morning. Who needs coffee, when you have the Brainwasher?

ytk, Dec 26 2012


       ...or you could just stick your head in the dishwasher.
DrCurry, Dec 26 2012


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