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baby shower

harness for baby allows baby to be bathed with parent in the shower
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A Baby-Bjorn/Snuggli-like harness that allows you to safely and conveniently bathe your infant (and yourself) in the shower.
jeremyFaden, Dec 28 2004

Baby-Bjork http://www.bjork.di...biografia/baby2.jpg
[normzone, Dec 28 2004]


       test temperature of water with elbow first.
po, Dec 28 2004

       Given the penchants of showers to suddenly run hot, I think this whole exercise is ill-advised. Besides, washing baby is a prime time for parent-baby interaction, and showers tend to be hurried affairs even at the best of times.
DrCurry, Dec 28 2004

       And babies scream when you put them in the shower and coo when you put them in the bath. -
squeak, Dec 28 2004

       Babies and small children are utter wusses when it comes to shampoo in the eyes so I'm not sure they'd go for it. I like the principle though.
hazel, Dec 28 2004


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