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Breakdancing on Ice Spectacular!!

title is pretty much self explanatory...
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once again, its pretty esy to understand. breakdanceers wear ice skates. the ice provides a solid ground to breakdance on. just wear a helmet.


       I always associated the "Breakdancing" phenomenon with the 1983 Bruckheimer/Simpson film "Flashdance". But that doesn't fully credit its origins in 1930-40's swing and jitterbug, or earlier 19th century incarnations in Cossack and Romanian gypsy gyrations. What is so different about your version at this late date that we haven't already seen in the last 4 Winter Olympics or touring versions of the Ice Capades??
jurist, Dec 29 2002

       I'd like to see the acrobatic feats of the Chinese circus on ice. But then, I'm a bit of a sadist.
madradish, Dec 29 2002

       Can you please explain the phrase "the ice provides a solid ground" ? I thought ice was solid water!   

       If I wanted to see people on an ice rink writhing around to music I'd go out and watch the "Seniors Learn to Skate" sessions at the local arena. Much cheaper (lower production values, though) and much more entertaining. Fishbone!
Canuck, Dec 29 2002

       Ice Capades 2: Cryonic Boogaloo
friendlyfire, Dec 29 2002

       [canuck] youre right ice is solid water. breakdancers need a solid, hard surface to perform on.   

       [canuck] youre right ice is solid water. breakdancers need a solid, hard surface to perform on. [binarycookies] the thing is, when breakdancers actually dance, they dont really make contact with their feet. so, the ice skates wont be a hazard.   

       Why do they need skates?
bookworm, Dec 30 2002

       (+) I won't go see this either, but you made me laugh by combining two of most ridiculous things in existence.
crawdaddy, Dec 30 2002

       Yes, breakdancing and helmets are pretty absurd.
bristolz, Dec 30 2002

       The 'solid water' remark was an attempted word play. You inferred ice was ground so I chose to differ.... Oh, puns are not so much fun when you have to explain them!
Canuck, Jan 01 2003

       Most breakdancing moves rely on a high degree of friction with the floor. You'd have to give the dancers spiked gloves to make this work, and then they'd tear the ice up so bad it would be unskatable.
5th Earth, Jul 02 2004

       Didn't read the idea, just the title. Bone for making me remember the awfulness of breakdancing and imagining the pain of having to watch it on ice, wasting perfectly good time that could otherwise be allocated to hockey.
Freefall, Jul 02 2004


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