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Breast pump powered adult toys

Making more of a good thing!
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The period after childbirth can be tough on a couple due to changes in hormones, stress, finances and lack of sleep. This new accessory line helps increase intimacy for a couple without having to make additional investments and allowing for a portable, multiple use tool using a machine they already have around. Additionally this helps reduce the investment cost by extending the useful lifetime of the pumping system beyond its initial use.
jhomrighaus, Nov 29 2022

Milking machine https://www.youtube...watch?v=pp7lvmg2ocM
[Voice, Dec 01 2022]

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       Many people already use breast pumps as sex toys - some repurposing those models made for expressing milk. Others are marketed specifically AS sex toys.   

       Have you got a description or sketch of some really original attachment that would make this more of a "new" idea?
a1, Nov 29 2022

       A1 the reference was specifically to manufacturer accessories to actual breast feeding pump systems.   

       I hadn’t really been considering the vacuum pump sex toys per say.
jhomrighaus, Nov 30 2022

       Far be it from me to bone any sex toy except irl, but I'm with a1
Voice, Nov 30 2022

       Yeah maybe the idea does suck.
jhomrighaus, Dec 02 2022

       Then what's the downside?
a1, Dec 02 2022


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