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Breathalizers in All Bars/Pubs

Patrons can test themselves or their friends if they have doubts about how much they've had.
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I think bar owners should start having breathalizer devices readily available to their customers and allow them to test themselves (privately if they desire), so as to encourage self-testing. This is a tool that would help citizens obey their local drunk-driving laws. It should be available for free, as well, so cheap barflies won't have an excuse not to check their alcohol levels before leaving.

I would not suggest mandating testing on any one, as this may hurt business, but anyone there who may notice a customer staggering toward the door with his/her car keys may suggest a quick test before they leave. Friends would have proof that may help them discourage drunken driving, as opposed to mere opinion, which may just add rage to drunkenness on the road, increasing the odds of collision.

XSarenkaX, Jul 03 2002

Personal breathalyzer http://www.xunga.com/ca2000.html
[pottedstu, Jul 03 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Breathscan http://www.seenontv...ous/breath-scan.htm
[angel, Jul 04 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Digital Breathalyzer http://www.breathalyzer.net/
Breathalyzer.net is the top source for all breathalyzers. Free international shipping! [knothacker, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer http://www.alcohol-breathalyzer.com
Hand held portable alcohol breathalyzers. [blueston, Oct 04 2004]


       Devices for testing breath for alcohol are available from vending machines, so it would certainly be possible, but I see no incentive (or reason) for them to be free.
angel, Jul 03 2002

       I see two arguments against this: firstly it encourages people who are going to be driving to drink right up to the legal limit, which might be good for publicans (kind of answering angel's objection in a feeble way), but bad for road safety.   

       Secondly, is the issue of accuracy. The pub breathalyzer would be a guide only, not a legal guarantee, and even if you passed it, you might not necessarily be legally able to drive when tested by a police officer.
pottedstu, Jul 03 2002

       This is a bad idea. I want to be able to drive drunk with the peice of mind of knowing that I think I am ok. This is America, and I am pretty sure that the first ammendment covers the freedom to think.   

       God Bless America.
EvilBadMan, Jul 03 2002

       This could be a either a good or bad idea, depending on your leanings. If anything it would make for an amusing drinking contest.
bravesirrobin, Jul 03 2002

       Bring your own tube to attach to the breathalyzer - I'm not wanting other people's manky germs.
calum, Jul 03 2002

       I think it would be a single-use type, in a sealed pack.
angel, Jul 03 2002

       Look we all know what is going to happen here...
The "Socially responsible Breathaliser" is going to turn into a gag for some charlie who suddenly wants to PROVE to his mates that he is actually several squillion times over the limit. bravesirrobin is ahead of the game, this would be a prime stag night requirement...
Still get a croissant though ;)
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 03 2002

       angel, I guessed that was the idea. But pottedstu's link shows that the breathalyzer costs a bargain $99. If they're free to the consumer, the state or the licensed trade will have to pay - a single pub breathalyzer with individual tubes would be less unhygenic and cheaper.
calum, Jul 03 2002

       My link shows them at $30 for 10, and they're available in a vending machine in my office building for £2 each.
angel, Jul 04 2002

       Radio Shack advertised breathalyzers for Fathers Day gifts.
I'll translate this for dubble dutch:
raydo shak advertysd bretholizrs fr fathrs da gifts.
thumbwax, Jul 04 2002

       Everyone's reactions to alcohol vary; the law sets a legal limit by means of blood (or breath) alcohol because that's the only objective measure they can get hold of. What actually matters is perception and reaction times. Instead of a breathalyser, it would be better to have a video-game driving simulator (costing only a minimal fee to use) which simualtes various road hazards (sudden bends, oil puddles, child running out etc.) and then at the end gives a report on reactions times and a qualitative description like "slightly impared", "significantly impared", "dangerous". Playing the machine would be fun and it would be obvious to bystanders that a player was not fit to drive. This might also bring peer pressure into play. Because it does not give a blood alcohol reading it would avoid the "I'm below the limit therefore I'm safe " overconfidence argument. Mind you I suspect a lot of drivers would do quite poorly on such a test even when completely sober.
8th of 7, Jul 04 2002

       One problem associated with this is that your BAC still increases after you have finished drinking. After hitting the bar one evening you might wake up and drive to work the next morning still being over the legal limit. I think it’s going to be much cheaper and easier to know your alcohol and drink responsibly.
table, Jul 04 2002

       I remember a frat house that had a breathalyzer. It was a unit about the size of a lunchbox, had a digital display, one button, and a hole for a fresh drinking straw. For parties, you'd give your keys to the doorman, and he'd give them back only after you passed the test. Don't know how well this would go over at bars, but pretty baked.
Freefall, Jul 05 2002

       Whilst the BAC increases after drinking, pressumably the breath test method measures roughly how much youve had. Also, in the UK breath testers are about the size of a couple of cassette tapes, with a rplacable tube to breath into. On the front were 3 LEDs, one green (very little alcohol on the breath), one yellow (some alcohol on the breath, if the police are giving you the test this means you need to take a BAC test), and one red (over the limit). Also, the limits set out by the law are there as they are the limits that produce no significant affect on driving, so drinking to the limit is (just about) safe enough.
miasere, Mar 27 2003

       I think a bar-breathalyzer is a good idea. Have a good time eating your croissant!
croissantz, Aug 11 2004


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