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Broadcast what you buy

Share a feed item a bit like Facebook, Earn money on your feed of visitors who looked at what you bought
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Data is valuable.

People want to get paid.

Businesses want purchasing information.

Broadcast what you buy™

chronological, Aug 01 2022

"I'm not sure how much my purchasing decisions are worth. " https://join.ncponline.com/home
This company claims to let you share your shopping opinions, earn points / rewards. [a1, Aug 01 2022]


       It's like an Amazon wishlist, but inside-out
lahosken, Aug 01 2022

       Yeah I do this for Amazon for free!
xandram, Aug 01 2022

       I'm not sure how much my purchasing decisions are worth.   

       But I receive money from Bing rewards for my searches, presumably my purchases are even more valuable.   

       There are sites that give cashback for using a referral link.   

       Surely they could be combined?
chronological, Aug 01 2022


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