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Browser Elevator Music

For those slow-to-load sites.
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When your browser has been attempting to load a page for more than a second or two, the melody of the "Girl from Ipanema" fades in, fading out when the page is fully loaded.
st3f, Sep 03 2007

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       Could this be jury rigged using Pandora and some bit of Java that controls your volume?
wagster, Sep 03 2007


po, Sep 03 2007

       Gets my vote if it could be random bird- song.
xenzag, Sep 03 2007

       No, no. Has to be Girl From Ipanema played on the vibes.
wagster, Sep 03 2007

       Actually what would be perfect is the random, gibberish whistling that you always seem to hear as someone brushes up litter in an empty railway station late at night.
xenzag, Sep 03 2007

       Or perhaps the original Song For Norway Eurovision entry that forms the basis for 'My Lovely Horse'.
calum, Sep 03 2007

       Modem noise - so that you at least get the impression that it is doing something! (yes I lack a little patience)
the dog's breakfast, Sep 03 2007

       A highly annoying and maddeningly repetitive song, such as anything by Sting, would be more appropriate.
nuclear hobo, Sep 03 2007

       :: crickets ::
reensure, Sep 04 2007

       I like this idea! and I'd prefer Girl from Ip..
dentworth, Sep 04 2007

       I'm sorry, but I simply cannot vote for any idea involving promulgating elevator music.
DrCurry, Sep 04 2007

       well, this makes me think of Graham Chapman and Eric Idle and I smile. so nyaa :-P
dentworth, Sep 04 2007

       This should be fairly easy to bake as a Firefox plugin.   

       tall and tan and lovely the girl from Impanema goes walking...
Noexit, Sep 05 2007

       Or... Fit your browser with a mirror.
Dub, Sep 09 2007

       Just plain "Panama" works for me.
croissantz, Sep 09 2007


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