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Browser timer

Set your browser to quit at a pre-established time and enforce self-discipline
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I like to take breaks from my work to catch up on my favorite web sites. Unfortunately, I find myself moving time and again to "just one more site." Before I know it, I'm forty-five minutes late getting back to my writing. If I could only set a self-enforcing limit on myself before I began: Quit in __ minutes, and I'd be forcibly pulled out of my online reverie whether I liked it or not.
redfox, Dec 15 2000


       Yeah, like I won't just go back into the browser again when it closes. Or disable the disabler. Unless my boss or parent literally set this up for me, I wouldn't use it. Even then, I'd waste much more time trying to disable it than I ever would've spent just surfing the web.
phundug, Apr 02 2003


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