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Browsing Technique for Page-Based Tablet Computer

Navigate Linearly Through Data on a Tablet Computer Through Hand Motion
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As miniaturization and display technologies advance, the tablet computing device of today will probably become a wafer-thin sheet.

Lacking something to turn, reading off of one of these electronic sheets will be a totally different experience than reading a book or a newspaper, even if the resolution is comparable.

I propose that the sheet be double-sided, with a working screen on both sides. Then, to navigate through data arranged linearly, such as a newspaper, book, or webpage (forward and back), one simply has to flip the sheet either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

A clockwise flip would display the next page on what was previously the opposite side of the sheet.

Likewise, a counter-clockwise flip would take the data back a page.

This technology would allow a user to flip through pages of data naturally and easily, as quickly as one pleased (though somewhat awkwardly at high speeds), and in my view would make the inception of thin tablet computers much less rocky.

aland, Jan 26 2003

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       I'd prefer a simple gesture across the surface to flipping the whole thing. I really doubt that having flipping as a page turning input will do much to reduce the "rockiness" of thin tablet computer introduction into the marketplace.   

       I don't think that there will be much rockiness. I think people want them now.
bristolz, Jan 26 2003


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