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It's windy today and a small pinwheel generator causes pantograph spindles to retract, (baby gate style) from the center of a balcony's railings to either side of their respective panels.
Full retraction opens a valve allowing the soap and water reservoir to fill the base trough.
Once a float mechanism disconnects the inflow, the power is diverted to raising a thin bar housed in the base of each panel, one after the other.

Enormous bubbles are now released bringing joy to the grid locked rat racers below.


       The panhandlers of Manhattan have taken to hawking bubble guns, spewing forth hundreds of bubbles a minute on the passing ratrace. Contrary to your expectation, they mostly seem to bestow annoyance rather than joy.   

       However, several toy stores here (since closed) had teddy bears deploying bubbles to the world at large, at a slower rate, with a much more felicitous effect.   

       So I suggest your make sure your building is not so prolific as to annoy.
DrCurry, Aug 28 2005

       Bubbles never cease to enchant me, however many there are. [+]
wagster, Aug 28 2005

       I dream of a return to the day of cigarette billboards that blew smoke rings.
reensure, Aug 28 2005


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