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Bucket O' Nails

You know, for obsessive-compulsives.
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For those people who compulsively chew their fingernails and wish they could stop, have we got a deal for you!

Small buckets of fingernail clippings for you to chew upon when you're feeling nervous, bored or just plain hungry.

Coming next year in a range of colours and flavours.

infidel, Dec 23 2011


       "Caution: May contain toenail clippings"
hippo, Dec 23 2011

       Why not just one long length of artificial (or vat-cultured, or even human-farmed) mounted on a roll in a handy dispenser?
pocmloc, Dec 23 2011

       A friend once told me off for trimming my nails in his room, as when he picked up a clipping from the floor and chewed on it he liked to know that it was his.
spidermother, Dec 23 2011

       Well done, [inf] - straight into our "Top ten ideas we wish we'd never looked at".
8th of 7, Dec 23 2011

       Contains 100% post-consumer content
phundug, Dec 23 2011

       You're welcome, [8th]. It took me a while to work out how to attain the "gross factor" I was seeking.
infidel, Dec 23 2011

       Nailed it.
<buhdum tsh>

       Put those sticks away [2 fries]!
wagster, Dec 23 2011

       Got it, that's my cue to cull knocks and go totally digital ala carte... liege. The good tip is a many cure if you've the care o' tintinnabulation.   

       It's about time I hang nailed-it anyway.   

       It's a useful product that allows you to preserve your nails while still chewing fingernails.   

       They could be harvested from prisoners and the poor and homeless then processed for consumption.
infidel, Dec 24 2011

       <uncontrolable projectile vomiting>
8th of 7, Dec 25 2011

       wotcha need is a toe-clipping bucket: insert entire foot.
FlyingToaster, Dec 25 2011

       was hoping this would be a bucket of assorted nails for hammering. oh well
simonj, Jan 01 2012

       I envisioned a bucket of assorted nails serving no useful purpose whatsoever. I guess both of us had our dreams shattered.
Alterother, Jan 01 2012


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