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Real hardwire bugs inducing software failures
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Megahard dumbShoot ships in a packet which also contains small grains of sand. HEY! On closer examination, they are microchips with integral power supply and antenna. They have been programmed to fire whenever the emissions of a computer running a rival's operating system is detected. Eventually, all those "other" OSes will gain notoriety for instability, for causing inexplicable computer crashes, and Megahard cashes in.

It is possible for some such device to be sneaked into your den (Free Mouse Pad!) but it should be easy to track down and eliminate, at the present state of the technology. When somebody makes 'em light enough to float through the air into the computer case, Boy! do we have a problem! Hopefully then, the devices inside our computer case would be so advanced as to ignore extraneous pulses. Or the computer itself would be floating around the room. In several parts, and no case. Violet tooth.

neelandan, Mar 05 2003


       A couple of bites from a EMP article I wrote long ago.   

       Guess it wasn't that good, after all.
neelandan, Mar 05 2003


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