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Bumper Stamp

It's OK to hit-and-run...
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With the Bumper Stamp, the bumpers of your car are covered all over with your name, phone number, insurance information, etc., printed backwards and raised (like a rubber stamp, but made of heavy steel or some other indestructible metal).

This way, when you run into someone, you don't have to stop, get out of the car, and give them your insurance information (both time-consuming and embarrassing!), because it's already conveniently stamped into their car.

nathandrea, Jul 19 2001


       Nice idea, but what if you hit the other guy because he pulled out of a side street in front of you? Or his car was going sideways? I know, I'm just being picky.
angel, Jul 19 2001

       Also stamping your details onto a pedestrian in addition to running him over might not be the most popular consequences of this idea.
Aristotle, Jul 19 2001

       YOUR information would have to be on the right front of your car and their information would have to be on the left rear of theirs... or did you forget that the law says that you must BOTH e-x-c-h-a-n-g-e information? This would work pretty well everywhere except in Los Angeles where drivers would engrave their information on their bullets. Sorry, I crack me up...
jbodden, Mar 08 2002

       Or better yet engrave someones elses insurance information on your bumper, let them take the rap.
rbl, Mar 08 2002


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