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Cellular GPS Tracker

Tracks your cars position using GPS and reports it using SMS on GSM Network
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Using a small GPS unit somehow connected to a modified GSM phone that will send the position of the car to the tracking agent when it recieves a SMS request to do so. This would be to retrieve stolen cars (a huge problem in Africa)
Duan-ZA, Apr 04 2002

Track your spouse http://www.thespyst...vehicletracking.htm
Do it yourself tracking unit installs on car in minutes [spartanica, Apr 05 2002]

Lojack http://www.lojack.com/foryou/lojack.htm
Not exactly what you're describing, but Lojack accomplishes a similar objective in a similar manner. [waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002]

Tracker / South Africa http://www.tracker.co.za/
Lojack is sold under this brand name in S. Africa. [waugsqueke, Apr 05 2002]

Lojack http://www.lojack.com/foryou/where.htm
The bigest problem with the lojack system is coverage. [Duan-ZA, Apr 07 2002]

Hunter Pro http://www.hunterpr.../Gps/Hunterpro.html
It seems it has been done exactly like I wanted it, oh well... lets see: issue comand: next idea (Good one) [Duan-ZA, Apr 07 2002]

Aspicore GSM Tracker http://www.aspicore...ker.asp?tab=2&sub=4
Real-Time Smartphone Location Tracking with Bluetooth GPS [jje, Apr 05 2005]


       I think that would be a good idea, especially if you were drunk, forgot where your'e parked or had the motor stolen... but arnt you forgetting something... what happens if you lose your phone?...
Redgoblin, Apr 04 2002

       HalfBaked time and time again. Always rejected for the potential 'Big Brother' abuse.
phoenix, Apr 04 2002

       If I wanted something like this made how would I go about it?
Duan-ZA, Apr 05 2002

       // HalfBaked time and time again. Always rejected for the potential 'Big Brother' abuse. //   

       Yeah, I'm getting tired of all the abuse that I have to take from SMS linked GPS receivers in Africa. Oh wait, nevermind.
BigBrother, Apr 05 2002

       Many cell phone manufacturers are planning to release phones with built-in gps. It is part of a plan to aid 911 calls made from cell phones.
narq, Apr 06 2002

       There are 3 problems with the Tracker / Lojack system.   

       1. It needs a expensive network of base towers and repeaters. 2. It needs a special tracking unit installed in every Police unit that needs to do tracking (most police vehicles already have GPS installed) 3. The tracking is directional and not positional - You can drive in the direction of the stolen vehicle but you never know where it is.
Duan-ZA, Apr 07 2002


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