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Bungee Bag

just in case
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There's been a spate of accidents recently..especially that poor bugger in the U.k who did the bungee jump and landed head first on the gravel and the next stop was that they buried him under some -God bless him.

If the bungee was to release itself from the jumper, a parachute type bag on the jumper with various sensors to the bungee would release a massive airbag enshrouding the person.Most of these accidents happen closer to the ground rather than further away. Airbags in cars go off pretty damn fast, why not in this situation? My hopefully good thought for the day(may need tweaking)

skinflaps, Sep 06 2002


       Or simply inflate the bag and leave it permanently on the ground below the bungee. (Though if it wasn't dangerous, people wouldn't do it.) (Not the people who currently do it, anyway.)
DrCurry, Sep 06 2002

       // (Not the people who currently do it, anyway.) //   

       Good old Charles Darwin. They won't be doing it much longer ... "Adapt or Die" is all very well but I can't see many humans surviving hitting tramac head first at 100 MPH.   

       Croissant for a well-meaning idea.
8th of 7, Sep 06 2002

       Or alternatively, for a true rush, Bungee Spikes?   

       Or if safety is a concern:   

       (1) How about c*ck-on-the-block bungee? If sensor detects no strain on the cost for a time longer than twice the free-fall time from the platform height, a trapdoor opens, plunging the unbungeed instructor to his death. That way he'd have an incentive for checking the equipment.   

       (2) Ditto concept with a thin steel cable 10 feet short of the height of drop attached to the instructor's genitals and the other end tied around the jumper's waist?
FloridaManatee, Jan 02 2003


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