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People climb up stairs. People at top get in bungivator. Doors close. Bungivator rope stretches, stopping at floors to pick up more people. Bungivator lets people off at ground floor. Bungivator is brought back to to with elastic energy.

People climb up stairs.

So yes, people can only ride down, but think of the energy savings!

DesertFox, Sep 14 2006

(?) Demonstration videos http://www.elevatormoods.com/
[normzone, Sep 16 2006]


       [+] Can I get in on the ground floor and be flung up to the top, 'reverse bungee' style? I'm prepared to sign a waiver...   

       (Sp. 'top'.)   

       It would add an element of excitement to going down, not knowing whether it'll be a slow, floor-by-floor descent, or a quick sproing all the way down. I like it.
imaginality, Sep 15 2006

       Ah. I thought this was going to be a stretchy bungston strung between floors. But +
DrCurry, Sep 15 2006

       Ah okay, so it's "Bunj-ih-vat-er," not "Bung-ih-vat-er." You don't want to know what I thought it was.
RayfordSteele, Sep 15 2006

       What [DrCurry] said
pertinax, Sep 15 2006

       What [RayfordSteele] said.
Mr Phase, Sep 15 2006

       I only buy BUNGCO products. Beware imitations!
phundug, Sep 15 2006

       You might make it go down with, say, 10 people, and then it will be able to bring back around six or so people.   

       So yes, only some people can ride up, but all of them can ride down! +
neelandan, Sep 15 2006

       + sounds like fun...
xandram, Sep 15 2006

       Hmmmmmm, you are right, you could make it so some people could ride up...
DesertFox, Sep 16 2006

       It could be the first elevator in history that people will hold the door open for more people if they are in a hurry, rather than hope it closes as soon as possible. Perfect for college students, who enjoy random things such as riding an elevator and cramming people into telephone booths.   

       And, what [RayfordSteele] said.
Hunter79764, Sep 16 2006

       Cute, missing one thing...sadly, an illustration. Are there no artist left around here? Drawings so enhance an idea, I think. (+ Mr. Fox.)
blissmiss, Sep 16 2006


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