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Bunker in the Dunes

Self healing defense
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Step one, contruct a large caison and remove the sand from within.

Step two, Dig out bunker complex.

Step three, Replace caison with a concrete tube entry way.

Normal bunker operations can continue, tube structure would allow men and material into the complex. When survival mode clicks on, the base of the tube is diconected from the bunker. Over a period of time the sand will move the tube away from the bunker concealing its location.

Bonus, if someone tries to bomb complex, the next sandstorm will heal the wounds. Survivors in the complex will extend another tube to escape.

Antegrity, Nov 06 2005

Caisson? http://dictionary.r...earch?r=2&q=caisson
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 06 2005]


       Magical sand indeed. Just like water, sand is very hard to penetrate with a projectile. A caisson can be any one of those structures. It is bassically a void in an unwanted medium so as to complete necessary work.
Antegrity, Nov 07 2005

       This really sounds like Civil War technology, and a very inferior application thereof. (The "next sandstorm will heal the wounds" ? Bombing raids are typically hours or days apart, not months. And sand is very hard to breathe - how does the air circulate?)
DrCurry, Nov 07 2005

       And sand is very hard to breathe - how does the air circulate?   

       Filters mabye?
Antegrity, Nov 22 2005


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