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bouncy-bunkers is bomb-proof

bombs bounce off trampoline bunker covering
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home, security. that's the best section for this...

bomb drops, hits massive trampoline. Either goes off, or delays before going off... who cares? The Boingy doesn't.

Bullets are a problem... i agree. But bombs are not such. (unless you get one of the 'struts' which holds the trampoline up.)

ok - new version. Plants grow. Loads of bracken grows which creates a thick vegetation over the bunker, which a) slows down and stops the bunker-buster b) is destroyed when it explods.

ok - new version. Loads of bouncy balls. The bomb goes off - the balls go flying and absorb the energy, and then return to their positons. Maybe on elastic strings.

They'd be more bullet resistant too.

See ? half baked ideas win wars. I get chocolate, case closed - thanks guys. x

nicholaswhitworth, Apr 11 2010


       Please fill in the following blanks. My idea is to [ ] for the following reasons [ ].
Custardguts, Apr 11 2010

       Hey!  Custardguts!  ...  We're both tards!  Us tards!  Your guts, my face!  Howdy cuz!     

       + Rubber Biscuit
Mustardface, Apr 12 2010

       mmm chewy...
nicholaswhitworth, Apr 12 2010

       I think the idea for bouncing bombs is baked or was baked.
po, Apr 12 2010


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