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Buried bluetooth

Find you find me app
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After reading about Ukrainians buried under rubble, I've been wondering if they're running the right apps to notify rescuers. GPS geolocation requires an uninterrupted path to GPS receivers. Rubble can block signals.

Would a Bluetooth transmitting app make their location far easier to find?

4and20, Mar 20 2022

Avalanche beacons https://www.switchb...t-avalanche-beacons
Some bluetooth [4and20, Mar 20 2022]

Problems penetrating snow for long? https://beaconreviews.com/apps_search.php
This old review suggests that avalanche apps have been dicey [4and20, Mar 20 2022]

It's the snow, stupid https://www.alpine-...r20131223001127.pdf
Snow den? [4and20, Mar 20 2022]

If this doesn't describe my love life https://en.wikipedi...wiki/Crush_syndrome
no one else will [4and20, Mar 27 2022]

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       If GPS isn't working under the rubble, then what information would be transmitted over Bluetooth?   

       "I'm here!"
"Where's here?"
pertinax, Mar 20 2022

       At the very least, a free cellphone. The limited range of bluetooth works to its advantage in this case.
4and20, Mar 20 2022

       //Where's here?//   

       At the point of broadcast...
Voice, Mar 20 2022

       So you're going to have more than one device locating that source by triangulation?
pertinax, Mar 20 2022

       It's the U1 ultra wideband chip in the Air Tags that allow precision location finding. I'm not sure if that's just an advanced form of Bluetooth or something else they have in addition to the Bluetooth. Regardless, it doesn't have to be super precise, as the searching device can trigger a loud audible tone in the one buried in rubble.
21 Quest, Mar 20 2022

       According to my last link, the problems encountered by avalanche beacon apps are partly related to strong wifi and bluetooth interference from snow. Luckily, there is no snow in Ukraine.
4and20, Mar 20 2022

       //So you're going to have more than one device locating that source by triangulation?//   

       No, but [4and20] can have a staffer look into it, I'm sure.
Voice, Mar 20 2022

       Smartphones have like 9 different antennae on the back these days (some designed for receiving only, but "there's an app for that"...). If Bluetooth is no good for transmitting through walls, maybe one of the other systems is better?
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 20 2022

       Ultra wideband seems to work pretty well. Actually, Bluetooth does pretty good through walls too, and can have up to 150 ft range. There is absolutely no reason Bluetooth wouldn't work for this purpose.
21 Quest, Mar 21 2022


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