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Window chute

For highrise buildings and the stunt double in all of us.
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Windows above a certain floor will have a net streched across them. So if people need to get out in a jiffy all they have to do is jump through the window.

How it works.

The net is connected to the four corners of the window. The four corners are then connected to a rope which is in turn connected to a box containing a parachute.

The person escaping runs and jumps through the window and into the net. The net streches and wraps around the person and snaps from its four corner connections.

The net tugs on the rope which removes the chute and the person floats safely down to the ground.

Antegrity, Dec 18 2005


       As an added bonus people who just got fired can leave in a very dramatic way.
Antegrity, Dec 18 2005

       sp: 'chute   

       This is a good idea for very tall buildings [+]. Only 1 person can use each window, so the building would be designed with enough windows on each floor for all the occupants to escape...
Minimal, Dec 19 2005

       Can you imagine those images of 9/11 being played over again, this time with a hundred or so little parachutes flying about the place? Still, won't the netting interfere with the view the window provides?   

       Aside from that, though, I like the idea. [+]
Honduras, Dec 19 2005

       I dont think there would be a shortage of windows for the nets. You would still be able to see out, that is however an issue. There would be an optimum point to break the window so the jumper goes in the center of the net. Windows would have "Emergency exit" sign written in the middle of them.
Antegrity, Dec 20 2005


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