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Bus Announcement Lights

Know when to take your headphones off
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I like to listen to music on the bus. I also like knowing what's going on on the bus. This is why I think buses should have a light come on whenever the driver is making an announcement so people will take off their headphones or stop their conversation. The driver would just hold down a button on the wheel when they are talking which would activate the light. A more advanced (and more useful) version would have two lights - one for location announcements, things like what the next stop is or "this is the last stop on 3rd avenue" and another light for other announcements, things like technical difficulties or delays.
Joolin, Oct 20 2010

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       "All the passengers on the bus wearing headphones are about to be sprayed with concentrated essence of Skunk. Don protective clothing if you have it".
8th of 7, Oct 20 2010


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